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HyperBrawl Tournament Achievements

Find all the HyperBrawl Tournament achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

HyperBrawl Champion HyperBrawl Champion 0 Reach level 20 90
Learning Curve Learning Curve 0 Score 100 goals. 20
Goals Equal Glory Goals Equal Glory 0 Score 250 goals. 25
Cage Breaker Cage Breaker 0 Score 500 goals. 30
The First Rule The First Rule 0 Knock out 100 opponents. 20
The Second Rule The Second Rule 0 Knock out 250 opponents. 25
No Rules No Rules 0 Knock out 500 opponents. 30
Headache Headache 0 Knock out 30 players with the ball. 25
Hammer Time Hammer Time 0 Knock out 100 players with weapons. 25
Use The HyperForce Use The HyperForce 0 Knock out 100 players with HyperForce. 25
Triple Threat Triple Threat 0 Score a goal, assist a goal and save a shot in a single match. 10
It's A Knockout It's A Knockout 0 KO an opponent with melee, a weapon and a ball in a single match. 10
Fast As Lightning Fast As Lightning 0 Win 25 Blitz matches. 20
Riding The Storm Riding The Storm 0 Win 50 Blitz Matches. 25
Ballroom Blitz Ballroom Blitz 0 Win 100 Blitz Matches. 40
Double Hat-Trick Double Hat-Trick 0 Score 6 goals in a Blitz match. 10
Beginner's Luck Beginner's Luck 0 Win a Blitz match. 10
Hot Potato Hot Potato 0 Complete 50 passes in Blitz. 10
Interceptor Interceptor 0 Make 50 interceptions in Blitz. 10
Not Even Close Baby Not Even Close Baby 0 Win a match in Sudden Death. 10
Identity Crisis Identity Crisis 0 Win a game with 8 different heroes. 25
Stadium Tour Stadium Tour 0 Win a match in 8 different arenas. 25
League Of Our Own League Of Our Own 0 Win 30 Campaign Matches. 40
League Debut League Debut 0 Win a Galaxy League match. 10
In It To Win It In It To Win It 0 Win a Cosmic Cup match. 10
Galaxy Manager Galaxy Manager 0 Create a team in Campaign. 5
Try Hard Try Hard 0 Win a match against an Elite level bot. 20
One More Game One More Game 0 Win an Arcade Mode match. 10
Trials Initiate Trials Initiate 0 Complete The Trials. 5
Trials Adept Trials Adept 0 Complete Advanced Trials. 5
Trials Master Trials Master 0 Complete Advanced Trials with a 3 star rating. 10
Baby's First Goal Baby's First Goal 0 Score your first goal. 5
Cosmic Contender Cosmic Contender 0 Win Cosmic Cup on Bronze or harder. 20
Cosmic Champion Cosmic Champion 0 Win Cosmic Cup on Gold. 60
Cosmic Conqueror Cosmic Conqueror 0 Win Cosmic Cup on Silver or harder. 40
Galactic Hero Galactic Hero 0 Win Galaxy League on Bronze or harder. 20
Galactic Star Galactic Star 0 Win Galaxy League on Gold. 60
Galactic Icon Galactic Icon 0 Win Galaxy League on Silver or harder. 40
Blitz Fighter Blitz Fighter 0 Achieve a 3 win streak in Blitz. 20
Blitz Warrior Blitz Warrior 0 Achieve a 6 win streak in Blitz. 60
Blitz Berserker Blitz Berserker 0 Achieve a 9 win streak in Blitz. 40