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Telling Lies Achievements

Full list of Telling Lies achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Telling Lies has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Hey Hey 0 Make it past 1am 90
All work and no play All work and no play 0 Make it past 2am 90
Nocturnal animals Nocturnal animals 0 Make it past 3am 90
You're a vampire You're a vampire 0 Make it past 4am 90
Time is running out Time is running out 0 Make it past 5am 90
Sunrise Sunrise 0 Headed out onto the roof 90

Secret Achievements

Full Upload Full Upload 0 Uploaded the entire data set 90
Pointless Game Pointless Game 0 It's the taking part that counts 15
Animal Logic Animal Logic 0 Cats can't type 40
Organizer Organizer 0 You like tagging things 15
Librarian Librarian 0 You like bookmarking 40
Taking out the Trash Taking out the Trash 0 Tidying up the desktop 40
Hypertextual Hypertextual 0 Clicking down the rabbit hole 90
Missing King Missing King 0 The game is rigged 90
Forgot My Password Forgot My Password 0 It's not "password" 40