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Duke of Defense Achievements

Full list of Duke of Defense achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Duke of Defense has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Duke In Training Duke In Training 0 Completed the tutorial! 10
Wisked Away Wisked Away 0 You were wisked away to a new place! 10
Finance Specialist Finance Specialist 0 You collected 50 coins in a single streak! 30
Duke of Construction Duke of Construction 0 You built 250 towers! 50
Goblin Beatdown Goblin Beatdown 0 You defeated 500 enemies! 50
Excessive Force Excessive Force 0 You defeated 2500 enemies! 40
Money Magnet Money Magnet 0 You collected 5000 coins! 20
Better Than Coins Better Than Coins 0 You collected 25 gems! 60
Persistence Persistence 0 You completed 100 waves! 20
Warriors Wardrobe Warriors Wardrobe 0 You unlocked 5 heads! 20
Fresh Kicks Fresh Kicks 0 You equipped a head that wasn't the default! 10
Uncomfortably Warm Uncomfortably Warm 0 You survived your first encounter with the Fire Wizard! 80
The Adventure Begins The Adventure Begins 0 You are now clearly the new Duke of Defense! 30
Walk In Colset Walk In Colset 0 You unlocked 15 heads! 20
The Weakest Link The Weakest Link 0 You defeated the Fire Wizard! 100
House of Heads House of Heads 0 You unlocked 30 heads! 30
Frosty Down Frosty Down 0 You defeated the Ice Wizard! 100
Banished Banished 0 You defeated the Void Wizard! 100
Duke of Hearts Duke of Hearts 0 You 100% completed the game! 200
Rally The Troops Rally The Troops 0 You gathered your friends and prepared for a great battle! 20