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The Ascent Achievements

Full list of The Ascent achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Ascent has 66 achievements worth 1425 gamerscore

We're just getting started We're just getting started 0 First enemy killed 5
Suicidal Suicidal 0 You died more than 100 times 5
Do Over Do Over 0 Proficiencies were reset once 5
Fair trade Fair trade 0 You sold something! 10
Sashimi Sashimi 0 You were killed by a katana 5
Helping hand Helping hand 0 Revived a DBNO friend 20
Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon! 0 You made an enemy drop an exploding grenade 10
Added extras Added extras 0 You equipped two augmentations and a module 15
Fullchrome Fullchrome 0 You equipped augmentations giving you the fullchrome appearance 20
Self improvement Self improvement 0 Allocated 3 Skill points 30
Teamwork Teamwork 0 You started your first co-op session 10
Aficionado Aficionado 0 Fully upgraded a weapon 30
Getting things done Getting things done 0 Side mission finished 20
For both our benefits For both our benefits 0 Completed all side missions 50
Anonymous withdrawal Anonymous withdrawal 0 Hacked an ATM 10
Free candy Free candy 0 Got the goods by hacking and destroying vending machines 15
Omnihacker Omnihacker 0 Hacked at least one of each hackable category 20
Black ICE Black ICE 0 Deployed black ICE against hacker enemy 25
Getting out of the slums Getting out of the slums 0 Collected 200'000 uCreds 20
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 0 Claimed a bounty 20
Snooze or lose Snooze or lose 0 You tried Snooze 10
Fight smart Fight smart 0 Killed a robot with energy damage type 20
Extreme Overcharge Extreme Overcharge 0 Delivered 4000 amount of stasis damage to one target 30
Opportunist Opportunist 0 Killed 10 enemies using exploding barrels 20
Overkill Overkill 0 Kill another enemy by overcharging an enemy while it's in stasis 30
Hygiene Hygiene 0 Used the sink after flushing a toilet 15
Explorer Explorer 0 You discovered all locations 40
Tourist Tourist 0 You rode the Interlink Express 20
Comprehensive Comprehensive 0 You filled the Codex 50
Curious consumer Curious consumer 0 You read 10 datapads 15
Flatliner Flatliner 0 Unlocked all enemy Codex entries 50

Secret Achievements

What just happened? What just happened? 0 Completed Arcology Blues 15
Party crashed Party crashed 0 Completed Mutual Dependencies 15
A new friend A new friend 0 Completed Trading Places 15
Power Hungry Power Hungry 0 Completed Empowerment 15
Data Digging Data Digging 0 Completed Data Miner 15
Mnemonic Hunt Mnemonic Hunt 0 Completed Foreign Code 15
Everyone's a smuggler Everyone's a smuggler 0 Completed Trace Protocol 15
Magenta Power Magenta Power 0 Completed Syntax Error 15
Nothing personal Nothing personal 0 Completed Recompile 15
Severed Board Severed Board 0 Completed Board Meeting 15
Protocol 61A Protocol 61A 0 Completed Project MenShen#1 15
Something out there Something out there 0 Completed Project MenShen#2 50
Win Win 0 Completed all Main Missions 100
Next level AI Next level AI 0 Upgraded your IMP 20
Appreciation Appreciation 0 Kira praised you 20

The Ascent - Cyber Heist

There are 20 achievements with a total of 425 points.

One step forward One step forward 0 Completed Find and Replace 25
All the way All the way 0 Completed Critical Resource 25
Tenuous Grasp Tenuous Grasp 0 Obtained Ruby only to lose it shortly thereafter 25
Completed Main Mission Completed Main Mission 0 Completed all Cyber Heist Main Missions 35
Completed All Missions Completed All Missions 0 Completed Cyber Heist 50
Karlan Engineering Karlan Engineering 0 Destroyed a Karlan controlled Siege Mech 15
Big leagues Big leagues 0 You killed 50 high level enemies 15
Bring a knife to a gunfight Bring a knife to a gunfight 0 Obtained your first melee weapon 15
VIP no more VIP no more 0 You killed a high level bounty 15
Making Concessions Making Concessions 0 Completed Making Concessions 15
Unshackled Unshackled 0 Completed Unshackled 15
Love Kills Love Kills 0 Completed Love Kills 15
Complete all Side Missions Complete all Side Missions 0 Completed all Cyber Heist Side Missions 35
First Melee Kill First Melee Kill 0 You killed using melee for the first time 15
First Melee Special Move Kill First Melee Special Move Kill 0 You killed an enemy using the melee special move 15
Not so special Not so special 0 You killed a member of the Skullsquad 25
Zell is dead Zell is dead 0 You defeated Zell in a fair combat 25
Brave New World Brave New World 0 You reached the Dark Playground 15
Vice Express Vice Express 0 You took Vice Express on a detour 15
Open Sesame Open Sesame 0 You found the secret route 15