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The Ascent - Cyber Heist Achievements

Full list of The Ascent - Cyber Heist achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Ascent - Cyber Heist has 20 achievements worth 425 gamerscore

One step forward One step forward 0 Completed Find and Replace 25
All the way All the way 0 Completed Critical Resource 25
Tenuous Grasp Tenuous Grasp 0 Obtained Ruby only to lose it shortly thereafter 25
Completed Main Mission Completed Main Mission 0 Completed all Cyber Heist Main Missions 35
Completed All Missions Completed All Missions 0 Completed Cyber Heist 50
Karlan Engineering Karlan Engineering 0 Destroyed a Karlan controlled Siege Mech 15
Big leagues Big leagues 0 You killed 50 high level enemies 15
Bring a knife to a gunfight Bring a knife to a gunfight 0 Obtained your first melee weapon 15
VIP no more VIP no more 0 You killed a high level bounty 15
Making Concessions Making Concessions 0 Completed Making Concessions 15
Unshackled Unshackled 0 Completed Unshackled 15
Love Kills Love Kills 0 Completed Love Kills 15
Complete all Side Missions Complete all Side Missions 0 Completed all Cyber Heist Side Missions 35
First Melee Kill First Melee Kill 0 You killed using melee for the first time 15
First Melee Special Move Kill First Melee Special Move Kill 0 You killed an enemy using the melee special move 15
Not so special Not so special 0 You killed a member of the Skullsquad 25
Zell is dead Zell is dead 0 You defeated Zell in a fair combat 25
Brave New World Brave New World 0 You reached the Dark Playground 15
Vice Express Vice Express 0 You took Vice Express on a detour 15
Open Sesame Open Sesame 0 You found the secret route 15

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