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Indiecalypse Achievements

Full list of Indiecalypse achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Indiecalypse has 34 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Secret Achievements

Caveman Warriors Rules Caveman Warriors Rules 0 You spoke with "Jandu" 30
EXAM DAY EXAM DAY 0 Finished the first chapter 80
HOME, SWEET HOME HOME, SWEET HOME 0 Finished the second chapter 80
EXILE ON MAME STREET EXILE ON MAME STREET 0 Finished the third chapter 80
ETHAN'S STORY ETHAN'S STORY 0 Finished the fourth chapter 80
THE E4 VIDEO GAME FAIR THE E4 VIDEO GAME FAIR 0 Finished the fifth chapter 80
VIOLET'S STORY VIOLET'S STORY 0 Finished the sixth chapter 80
CHECK-CRUNCH-MATE CHECK-CRUNCH-MATE 0 Finished the seventh chapter 100
Code Hero Code Hero 0 Played "Code Hero" 15
Splatpoo Splatpoo 0 Played "Splatpoo" 15
Enter the Classgun Enter the Classgun 0 Played "Enter the Classgun" 15
The Binding of Jack The Binding of Jack 0 Played "The Binding of Jack" 15
Jack Trip Jack Trip 0 Played "Jack Trip" 15
Mortal Daddy Mortal Daddy 0 Played "Mortal Daddy" 15
Cooking Roach Cooking Roach 0 Played "Cooking Roach" 15
Geometry Jack Geometry Jack 0 Played "Geometry Jack" 15
Shower with your Grandpa Shower with your Grandpa 0 Played "Shower with your Grandpa" 15
Makeup your Princess Granny Makeup your Princess Granny 0 Played "Makeup your Princess Granny" 15
Dollar Toss Dollar Toss 0 Played "Dollar Toss" 15
Super Duck Punch Super Duck Punch 0 Played "Super Duck Punch" 15
Burgers Please Burgers Please 0 Played "Burgers Please" 15
Follow The Keytar Follow The Keytar 0 Played "Follow the Keytar" 15
Super 3D Osbourne's Ark Super 3D Osbourne's Ark 0 Played "Super 3D Osbourne's Ark" 15
Cooking Bad Cooking Bad 0 Played "Cooking Bad" 15
Call of Rats Call of Rats 0 Played "Call of Rats" 15
Dino Jump Dino Jump 0 Played "Dino Jump" 15
Tiny Chicks Tiny Chicks 0 Played "Tiny Chicks" 15
Pitch Battle Pitch Battle 0 Played "Pitch Battle" 15
Bloodhead Bloodhead 0 Played "Bloodhead" 15
Groomer Groomer 0 Played "Groomer" 15
Fly Hunt Fly Hunt 0 Played "Fly Hunt" 15
Uvergeddon Uvergeddon 0 Played "Uvergeddon" 15
Crunch Crunch 0 Played "Crunch" 15
Hotline Asylum Hotline Asylum 0 Played "Hotline Asylum" 15