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Mask of Mists Achievements

Full list of Mask of Mists achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mask of Mists has 15 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First battle First battle 0 Defeat the first enemy 50
First Crystal First Crystal 0 Activate the first navigation crystal 50
Meteorologist Meteorologist 0 Cause rain 70
All Crystals All Crystals 0 Activate all navigation crystals 80
Brave New World Brave New World 0 Go to the Abyss 70
Alchemist Alchemist 0 Craft all kinds of potions 50
Ready for battle Ready for battle 0 Visit all the altars of health 50
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Dig up the treasure 50
Trader Trader 0 Buy 6 items from Leprechaun 50
True Detective True Detective 0 Open the cache 50

Secret Achievements

Full set Full set 0 Find 10 stone masks 90
One Final Step One Final Step 0 Defeat the giant mushroom 90
Contract Completed Contract Completed 0 Save The Archmage 100
Mask of Mists Mask of Mists 0 Find Mask of Mists 100
Lost and Found Lost and Found 0 Find the fort terrace key 50