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Professor Rubik's Brain Fitness Achievements

Full list of Professor Rubik's Brain Fitness achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Professor Rubik's Brain Fitness has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Daily Training Daily Training 0 Complete your first day of training 15
One week of tests One week of tests 0 Complete 7 days of training 45
One month of tests One month of tests 0 Complete 30 days of training 150
The real ace The real ace 0 Reach the A rank in one mini game 30
I am speed I am speed 0 Respond under 0.2s and be correct 15
Awakening Awakening 0 Take the evaluation test for the first time 15
Unlocked potential Unlocked potential 0 Unlock 25% of brain potential 30
Logic phenomenon Logic phenomenon 0 Unlock 45% of brain potential 30
Logic... logic everywhere Logic... logic everywhere 0 Unlock 70% of brain potential 45
Quantum computing Quantum computing 0 Unlock 90% of brain potential 150
Three Dimensional Spatialization Three Dimensional Spatialization 0 Get a 2048 for the first time 30
Last defender Last defender 0 Score 300 or more in Cube Match 30
A star is born A star is born 0 Reach the S rank in one mini game 100
Spatial awareness Spatial awareness 0 Be right on all the exploding cube position in Training or Evaluation 30
Challenger Challenger 0 Be right on all the rolling Rubik rotation 30
Calibrated Calibrated 0 Take the evaluation test 5 times 30
Test routine Test routine 0 Take the evaluation test 30 times 50
Ever-growing potential Ever-growing potential 0 Take the evaluation test 100 times 100
Never skip brain day Never skip brain day 0 Complete 7 days of training in a row 15
Argonaut Argonaut 0 Complete Guided dice with an A 45
Slow but steady Slow but steady 0 Be right after letting the timer go for 60 seconds 15