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Vampire's Fall: Origins Achievements

Full list of Vampire's Fall: Origins achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Vampire's Fall: Origins has 28 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Spirit Brothers Spirit Brothers 0 Find and defeat the three spirit brothers 35
The Seals of Gont The Seals of Gont 0 Open the seals of Gont 35
Hunter Killer Hunter Killer 0 Defeat the Hunter Killer 35
Rat Tree Rat Tree 0 Defeat the being in the Rat Tree 35
Beast of the Valley Beast of the Valley 0 Defeat the Beast of the Valley 35
Koccuburry Cave Dweller Koccuburry Cave Dweller 0 Defeat the Koccuburry Cave Dweller 35
Death's Advocate Death's Advocate 0 Defeat Death's Advocate 35
Fulacks the Ugly Fulacks the Ugly 0 Defeat Fulacks the Ugly 35
Mother of Wolves Mother of Wolves 0 Defeat the Mother of Wolves 35
Aendisea's Bane Aendisea's Bane 0 Defeat Aendisea's Bane 35
The Rat King The Rat King 0 Defeat The Rat King 35
Lernaean Lernaean 0 Defeat Lernaean 35
Xaphxan The Invisible Xaphxan The Invisible 0 Defeat Xaphxan The Invisible 35
The Tusk Trio The Tusk Trio 0 Defeat The Tusk Trio 35
Styx's Servant Styx's Servant 0 Defeat Styx's Servant 35
Enigma Enigma 0 Defeat Enigma 35
God Brutal of Guard God Brutal of Guard 0 Defeat God Brutal of Guard 35
God Brutal of The Wild God Brutal of The Wild 0 Defeat God Brutal of The Wild 35
God of Brutals God of Brutals 0 Defeat God of Brutals 35
Survivor Survivor 0 Survive the attack on Vamp'Ire 35
Bite Sava Bite Sava 0 Bite Sava Savanovic 35
Refuse Sava Refuse Sava 0 Refuse to bite Sava Savanovic 35
World Cornerstones World Cornerstones 0 Find the world cornerstones 35
Avan Avan 0 Defeat Vaso 35
Kamengrad Kamengrad 0 Defeat Shadow from The Abyss 35
Easthaven Easthaven 0 Defeat Arvid Varanger 35
The Hunt for Sava The Hunt for Sava 0 Complete the expansion "The Hunt for Sava" 40
Brutal Mazes Brutal Mazes 0 Complete the brutal mazes 50