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Shovel Knight: King of Cards Achievements

Full list of Shovel Knight: King of Cards achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards has 20 achievements worth 490 gamerscore

Victory! (King Knight) Victory! (King Knight) 0 Finish the game. 50
Merit Badge (King Knight) Merit Badge (King Knight) 0 Collect all Merit Medals. 60
Decked Out (King Knight) Decked Out (King Knight) 0 Acquire all armor, heirlooms, fancy things, and upgrades. 40
Again! (King Knight) Again! (King Knight) 0 Finish New Game Plus. 50
Cartography King (King Knight) Cartography King (King Knight) 0 Find and complete all stages and stage paths, and defeat all wandering travelers. 50
Card Completionist (King Knight) Card Completionist (King Knight) 0 Obtain all Joustus cards. 60
House Champ (King Knight) House Champ (King Knight) 0 Clear all 4 houses of Joustus, and win the final battle... (King Knight) 30
Beeline (King Knight) Beeline (King Knight) 0 Complete the game in fewer than 25 stages. 20
Naked King (King Knight) Naked King (King Knight) 0 Finish the game without acquiring any heirlooms, health upgrades, or vigor upgrades. Armors are ok! 20
Hurry Up! (King Knight) Hurry Up! (King Knight) 0 Beat the game within 1 hour and 30 minutes. 30
Fearless Champ (King Knight) Fearless Champ (King Knight) 0 Clear all 4 houses of Joustus without buying or reclaiming cards from Chester. (Not in New Game+) 20
King of Cards (King Knight) King of Cards (King Knight) 0 Defeat every possible Joustus opponent. 20
Patron of the Arts (King Knight) Patron of the Arts (King Knight) 0 Commission a finished portrait! 0
Get Out Of My Room! (King Knight) Get Out Of My Room! (King Knight) 0 Find King Knight's secret room! 0
That's Mine! (King Knight) That's Mine! (King Knight) 0 Lose a unique card, then win it back! 10
I'm a Cheater! (King Knight) I'm a Cheater! (King Knight) 0 Use each one of Chester's Cheat Cards. 0
Heirlooms Only! (King Knight) Heirlooms Only! (King Knight) 0 Use only heirlooms to defeat any boss! 10
Jump Economy (King Knight) Jump Economy (King Knight) 0 Finish a stage and jump fewer than 10 times. (King Knight) 10
Heartless (King Knight) Heartless (King Knight) 0 Finish a Joustus Judge stage without dying or collecting any food or health hearts. 10
Gem Sweep (King Knight) Gem Sweep (King Knight) 0 In a Joustus match with more than one gem, win by claiming every gem. 0

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