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Ikenfell Achievements

Full list of Ikenfell achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ikenfell has 27 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Bought All Gem Accessories Bought All Gem Accessories 0 Bought All Gem Accessories 50
Upgraded All Gem Accessories Upgraded All Gem Accessories 0 Upgraded All Gem Accessories 75
Found the Book of Alchemy Found the Book of Alchemy 0 Found the Book of Alchemy 75
Thank You For Playing Thank You For Playing 0 You completed the game! 100

Secret Achievements

Defeated Turmoil Defeated Turmoil 0 Defeated Turmoil 5
Defeated Ibn & Bax Defeated Ibn & Bax 0 Defeated Ibn & Bax 5
Defeated Beacon Defeated Beacon 0 Defeated Beacon 5
Defeated Adorable Kitten Defeated Adorable Kitten 0 Defeated Adorable Kitten 5
Defeated Gilda Defeated Gilda 0 Defeated Gilda 5
Defeated Chuckles Defeated Chuckles 0 Defeated Chuckles 10
Defeated Blackhat Defeated Blackhat 0 Defeated Blackhat 10
Defeated Gilda 1-on-1 Defeated Gilda 1-on-1 0 Defeated Gilda 1-on-1 10
Defeated the Snatcher Defeated the Snatcher 0 Defeated the Snatcher 10
Defeated Twinkle Defeated Twinkle 0 Defeated Twinkle 10
Defeated Ibn, Bax & Gilda Defeated Ibn, Bax & Gilda 0 Defeated Ibn, Bax & Gilda 15
Defeated the Ghost Legion Defeated the Ghost Legion 0 Defeated the Ghost Legion 15
Defeated Radegund Defeated Radegund 0 Defeated Radegund 15
Defeated Bloodwyn Defeated Bloodwyn 0 Defeated Bloodwyn 15
Defeated the Gardener Defeated the Gardener 0 Defeated the Gardener 15
Defeated Agony Defeated Agony 0 Defeated Agony 25
Defeated the Unseen Defeated the Unseen 0 Defeated the Unseen 25
Defeated Aeldra Defeated Aeldra 0 Defeated Aeldra 50
Defeated Fantom Defeated Fantom 0 Defeated Fantom 50
Defeated Codexus Defeated Codexus 0 Defeated Codexus 100
Defeated the Allcat Defeated the Allcat 0 Defeated the Allcat 100
Defeated the Specters Defeated the Specters 0 Defeated the Specters 100
The Allcat Watches Over You The Allcat Watches Over You 0 You completed the game wearing the Allcat's Clan Insignia 100