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Overcooked All You Can Eat Achievements

Full list of Overcooked All You Can Eat achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Overcooked All You Can Eat has 42 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Hero of Thyme Hero of Thyme 0 Complete Overcooked! and save the Onion Kingdom! 100
The Unbread The Unbread 0 Complete Overcooked! 2 and save the Onion Kingdom…again 100
World Renowned Chef World Renowned Chef 0 Discover all locations/ levels in the main games 75
All You Can Eat All You Can Eat 0 Complete The Peckening Rises campaign 50
World Traveler World Traveler 0 Complete the first level in all Worlds 1's 50
Hot Pot Shot Hot Pot Shot 0 Throw 100 ingredients into a cooking pot 30
Rooting for you Rooting for you 0 Win a kitchen in Versus Mode 30
Would You Like Fries With That? Would You Like Fries With That? 0 Complete an Extra Trimming world 30
Lettuce Begin Lettuce Begin 0 Complete Overcooked! and Overcooked! 2 tutorials 30
Clockwork Kitchen Clockwork Kitchen 0 Complete a level in Classic Mode by doing all the recipes in order. 30
It's Bean Emotional It's Bean Emotional 0 Use every emote 30
If You Can't Stand the Heat If You Can't Stand the Heat 0 Extinguish a burning kitchen 30
Careful Driver Careful Driver 0 Run over Unbread 10 times 30
Kitchen Nightmares Kitchen Nightmares 0 Complete a kitchen in the Munch Mansion 15
Out of this World Out of this World 0 Complete a kitchen in Cosmic Canteen 15
Pop! Pop! 0 Complete a kitchen on a Balloon 15
Get Berried Get Berried 0 Complete a kitchen in the Mines 15
Raccoon Magic Raccoon Magic 0 Teleport as the Racoon 15
This Is Fine This Is Fine 0 Have 10 tiles on fire at a time 15
Clutz In The Kitchen Clutz In The Kitchen 0 Respawn 10 times 15
It's A Cook-Off! It's A Cook-Off! 0 Finish 15 games in Versus Mode 25
Bangers and Trash Bangers and Trash 0 Put 99 items in the bin 15
Fire Hazard Fire Hazard 0 Use the Flamethrower to cook 20 items 15
Dinner Party Posse Dinner Party Posse 0 Finish 15 kitchens in Arcade 15
The All Seeing Fry-Cook The All Seeing Fry-Cook 0 Play a level with 4 chefs wearing glasses 10
Calculated Risk Calculated Risk 0 Save An Ingredient From Burning At the Last Possible Second 10
Bear Picnic Bear Picnic 0 Play a level from Campfire with 4 Bear Chefs 10
Boxing Champion Boxing Champion 0 Get 3 Stars in a level where each player is a Box Chef. Only available in Classic Mode. 10
Something Fishy Something Fishy 0 Play as a Aquatic creature in a Sushi Level 10
New World Order New World Order 0 Play a level with 4 Reptile Chefs 10
Monster Mash Monster Mash 0 Play Overcooked! 4-2, with a Werewolf, a Ghost and a Vampire Chef 10
Space Jelly Space Jelly 0 Throw and Catch an Ingredient between 4 Alien chefs 15 times without dropping it 10
Food Critic Food Critic 0 Throw 5 Tomatoes at another player 10
Infestation Infestation 0 Play Overcooked! 2-2, with 4 players all using the Rat chef 10
They Suspect Nothing… They Suspect Nothing… 0 Play a level with 4 players, of which 3 are the same chef 10
You're a Real Pizza-work You're a Real Pizza-work 0 Push someone off a level 10

Secret Achievements

Fast Food Fast Food 0 Complete 5 tickets in under 30 seconds in Classic Mode. 30
It's RAAW It's RAAW 0 Deliver a wrong dish 10 times 15
It's COLD It's COLD 0 Keep a finished meal 30 seconds before serving it 15
Back in my day… Back in my day… 0 Attempt to throw something in Overcooked! 10
Can You Pet The Dog? Can You Pet The Dog? 0 Pet Kevin in Overcooked! 10
Can You Still Pet The Dog? Can You Still Pet The Dog? 0 Pet Kevin in Overcooked! 2 10