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Skyworld Achievements

Full list of Skyworld achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Skyworld has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Your First Skyworld Your First Skyworld 0 You have taken over your first Skyworld. 10
Battle for the Crystals Battle for the Crystals 0 You took back the mine. 20
Live to Fight Another Day Live to Fight Another Day 0 Fled bravely to fight another day. 30
Temple Raider Temple Raider 0 You found the jungle god. 40
Monumental Monumental 0 You appeased the jungle god. 50
Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunt 0 You found the treasure. 60
For Science! For Science! 0 You defeated Nija. 70
Back to Fight Another Day Back to Fight Another Day 0 You stopped the demon invasion. 80
Skirmish Victor Skirmish Victor 0 You won a Skirmish match. 10
Skirmish Lord Skirmish Lord 0 You won 5 Skirmish matches. 50
Skirmish King Skirmish King 0 You won 10 Skirmish matches. 100
Master Scientist Master Scientist 0 You have researched 20 unique cards. 10
Fit for a King Fit for a King 0 You have upgraded a castle to the final level. 40
Golden Cards Golden Cards 0 You have upgraded 20 unique cards to their final level. 20
Battle Lord Battle Lord 0 You have won 25 battles. 20
Battle King Battle King 0 You have won 50 skirmish battles. 40
Midas Midas 0 You have earned 1000 gold in total. 40
Gluttony Gluttony 0 You have earned 1000 food in total. 40
Master Mage Master Mage 0 You have earned 1000 magic in total. 40
Lord Constructor Lord Constructor 0 You have built 50 watchtowers. 40
Quite a Crowd Quite a Crowd 0 You have a population of 50 during a match. 40
An Army walks on its Feet An Army walks on its Feet 0 You have walked over 250 steps in total. 20
Suicide Mission Suicide Mission 0 You have destroyed an enemy castle with only 4 cards. 40
A Stranger in a Strange Land A Stranger in a Strange Land 0 You have won a battle with a maximum HP penalty. 40
Lord Destructor Lord Destructor 0 You have destroyed 50 watchtowers. 30
Quack! Quack! 0 You have found the 8 hidden ducks in the campaign Overworlds. 20