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Magic Duels: Origins Achievements

Full list of Magic Duels: Origins achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Magic Duels: Origins has 49 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Ordeal of Heliod Ordeal of Heliod 0 Completed Gideon’s Campaign 10
Mind Grind Mind Grind 0 In Jace’s Campaign, won a duel by depleting your opponent’s library 10
Necromancer’s Assistant Necromancer’s Assistant 0 In Liliana’s Campaign, returned 3 creature cards from your graveyard to your hand in a single duel 10
Acolyte of the Inferno Acolyte of the Inferno 0 In Chandra’s Campaign, dealt 10 damage to your opponent with instants or sorceries in a single duel 10
Sage Animist Sage Animist 0 In Nissa’s Campaign, controlled a creature with total power and toughness 20 or greater 10
Solo Battler Solo Battler 0 Won 10 Solo Battles 20
Solo Scrapper Solo Scrapper 0 Won 100 Solo Battles 20
Solo Slugger Solo Slugger 0 Won 500 Solo Battles 40
Versus Battler Versus Battler 0 Won 10 Versus Battles 20
Versus Scrapper Versus Scrapper 0 Won 100 Versus Battles 20
Versus Slugger Versus Slugger 0 Won 500 Versus Battles 40
Novice Novice 0 Hit rank 5 in ranked Versus Battles 20
Apprentice Apprentice 0 Hit rank 10 in ranked Versus Battles 20
Legend Legend 0 Hit rank 15 in ranked Versus Battles 20
Expert Expert 0 Hit rank 30 in ranked Versus Battles 20
Master Master 0 Hit rank 40 in ranked Versus Battles 50
Collection Builder Collection Builder 0 Opened 10 booster packs 10
The Origins Five The Origins Five 0 Collected all five Origins Planeswalker cards 20
Power of Origins Power of Origins 0 Got a mythic rare card 10
Ultimate Power of Origins Ultimate Power of Origins 0 Collected all the mythic rare cards in Magic Duels: Origins 30
Questing Knight Questing Knight 0 Completed 10 Daily Quests 20
Questing Hero Questing Hero 0 Completed 100 Daily Quests 20
Questing Legend Questing Legend 0 Completed 500 Daily Quests 30
Tactician Tactician 0 Won a duel with a custom deck 20
Seasoned Fighter Seasoned Fighter 0 Had Gideon, Battle-Forged deal 12 damage in a single duel 20
Truth Seeker Truth Seeker 0 Cast two instants or sorceries from your graveyard in a single duel 20
Necromastery Necromastery 0 Returned three creatures from graveyards to the battlefield in a single end step 20
Fire Starter Fire Starter 0 Dealt 12 damage to an opponent with Chandra, Roaring Flame in a single duel 20
The Roil The Roil 0 Dealt 12 damage to an opponent with lands in a single turn 20
Airborne Airborne 0 Controlled four creatures with flying 10
Air Superiority Air Superiority 0 In a single duel, had your flying creatures deal 15 damage and was dealt no damage yourself 30
Millstone Millstone 0 Put two creature cards from your library into your graveyard in a single duel 10
Delver of Secrets Delver of Secrets 0 Won a duel with five or fewer cards in your library 30
Treacherous Urge Treacherous Urge 0 Sacrificed a creature owned by an opponent 10
Act of Treason Act of Treason 0 Dealt 10 damage to an opponent in a single duel using creatures he or she owns 30
Land Rush Land Rush 0 Had two lands enter the battlefield in a single turn 10
Accelerated Production Accelerated Production 0 Cast a creature spell with converted mana cost 7 or greater by your fourth turn 30
Veteran Veteran 0 A creature you control became renowned 10
Tested in Battle Tested in Battle 0 Dealt 10 damage or more to your opponent with renowned creatures in a single turn 30
Hunting Party Hunting Party 0 Controlled six Elves 10
Master of the Hunt Master of the Hunt 0 Controlled 20 Elves 30
One In, One Out One In, One Out 0 Had a creature enter the battlefield and returned a creature to an opponent’s hand on the same turn 10
Frenzied Frenzied 0 Starting on your third turn, attacked every turn until you won 30
Relic Seeker Relic Seeker 0 Controlled five artifacts 10
Thopter Squadron Thopter Squadron 0 Tapped or sacrificed five artifacts you controlled outside of combat in a single turn 30
Totem Guide Totem Guide 0 Searched your library for an enchantment card 10
Auramancer Auramancer 0 Attached four Auras to the same creature 30
Triple Treat Triple Treat 0 Put three tokens onto the battlefield in the same turn 10
Steamrolled Steamrolled 0 Reduced your opponent’s life total to 10 or less before your fifth turn 30