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Edge Of Eternity Achievements

Full list of Edge Of Eternity achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Edge Of Eternity has 58 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Personal Revenge Personal Revenge 0 Settle an old score 15
Crystal Bearer Crystal Bearer 0 Learn your first spell 10
Novice Hunter Novice Hunter 0 Hunt your first monster 10
Footsteps on the City Floor Footsteps on the City Floor 0 Reach Herelsor 10
Dancing with Thunder Dancing with Thunder 0 Defeat the Corroded Crocta 10
Legendary Beasts I Legendary Beasts I 0 Hunt the first tier of legendary beasts 10
Crystal Fruits I Crystal Fruits I 0 Find the first 10 Crystal Fruits 10
Prescience Prescience 0 Meet the last Uralik 10
Panic on Boar Panic on Boar 0 Drive an ancient Orokko mad 10
Chapter I Chapter I 0 Complete the first chapter 20
Considerable Hunger Considerable Hunger 0 Defeat the corroded Morom 15
Purrfect Ride Purrfect Ride 0 Get a Nekaroo 10
Galvanized Citizens Galvanized Citizens 0 The gears have been set into motion… 10
Chapter II Chapter II 0 Complete the second chapter 20
World Protector World Protector 0 Complete 20 world events 10
Weakness Finder Weakness Finder 0 Try to find the enemy’s weakness 40 times. 10
Crystal Fruits II Crystal Fruits II 0 Find 50 Crystal Fruits 20
Puzzle Enthusiast Puzzle Enthusiast 0 Solve 4 puzzles 10
Treasure Hunter I Treasure Hunter I 0 Open 25 treasure chests 10
The Long Night The Long Night 0 Defeat the Conclave 15
Celestial Celestial 0 Acquire Selene's Special Attack 10
Survivor Survivor 0 Reach the End of the Pass of Olphara 10
The Reunion The Reunion 0 Find Selene's Master 10
Chapter III Chapter III 0 Complete the Third Chapter 20
To Revive A Goddess To Revive A Goddess 0 A Mother’s Legacy 10
Old Master Old Master 0 Dedicated your time to entertain an old man 10
Welcome To Tyr Caelum Welcome To Tyr Caelum 0 The Ribcage of a Fallen Giant 10
The Resurgent The Resurgent 0 The man who survived the Corrosion 10
Gardening 101 Gardening 101 0 Defeat the Corroded Nephenta 15
Chapter IV Chapter IV 0 Complete the Chapter IV 20
Unruly Unruly 0 Defeat the hologram 15
Orphanage Orphanage 0 Find an adoptive family for Griff 10
Legendary Beasts II Legendary Beasts II 0 Hunt the second tier of legendary beasts 30
Crystal Fruits III Crystal Fruits III 0 Find 75 Crystal Fruits 40
Crystal Fruits IV Crystal Fruits IV 0 Find 100 Crystal Fruits 60
Treasure Hunter II Treasure Hunter II 0 Open 75 treasure chests 30
Stalker Stalker 0 A Soldier’s Fate 10
Ascendance Ascendance 0 Bear the scars of war 10
Prologue Prologue 0 Turn your back on the war 10
The Price for Defacement The Price for Defacement 0 Defeat the dreaded Borborygm 15
Treasure Hunter III Treasure Hunter III 0 Collect 140 treasure chests 60
Chapter V Chapter V 0 Complete the Chapter V 20
Crazy Eyes Crazy Eyes 0 Find Fallon in the Vanguard 10
Quiet Dominance Quiet Dominance 0 One blurry case of self-defense 10
Unbeknowst Masters Unbeknowst Masters 0 Master and pupil, only humans after all 10
Grave Robber Grave Robber 0 Investigate several cases of the missing corpses 10
Chapter VI Chapter VI 0 Completed Chapter VI 20
Stalwart Protector Stalwart Protector 0 Faced countless enemies, and the many aches of both responsibility and self-deprecation 10
Gourmet Socialite Gourmet Socialite 0 Decided a proper menu for your guests 10
Said You're Sorry Said You're Sorry 0 Apologized... somehow 10
Normal Difficulty Normal Difficulty 0 Complete the game with the battle difficulty set to 5 without changing it 20
Hard Difficulty Hard Difficulty 0 Complete the game with the battle difficulty set to 7 without changing it 40
Difficulty Nightmare Difficulty Nightmare 0 Complete the game with the battle difficulty set to 10 without changing it 80
True Ascendance True Ascendance 0 After all has been said and done... 50
A Trap, All Along A Trap, All Along 0 Once broken, it will never be the same again 10
The Ancient Ritual The Ancient Ritual 0 Walked the path of no return 10
Chest Nut Chest Nut 0 Helped Daryon realize he has a chest problem 10
The Ancient Cathedral of Ulakaris The Ancient Cathedral of Ulakaris 0 Such a mouthful, probably something important 10