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Mittelborg: City of Mages Achievements

Full list of Mittelborg: City of Mages achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mittelborg: City of Mages has 38 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Voice of Tempest Voice of Tempest 0 Survive 10 Barrages throughout the game 20
Master of Defence Master of Defence 0 Survive 10 Raids throughout the game 20
Trust of Mages Trust of Mages 0 Have 3 mages in the city 20
Alchemists Intuition Alchemists Intuition 0 Brew 5 potions in Laboratory 20
Elemental Control Elemental Control 0 Send 10 expeditions throughout the game 20
Last Will Last Will 0 Collect 1000 aether throughout the game 20
Plentyfull Prayer Plentyfull Prayer 0 Collect 100 aether throughout one Tempest 20
Diplomacy Diplomacy 0 Start 3 tempests with less than 10 Aether 20
Man of Conviction Man of Conviction 0 Buy 5 items at the market 20
Marauder's Code Marauder's Code 0 Acquire all types of scrolls 20
Pilgrim's Journal Pilgrim's Journal 0 Find 5 pages of Magnus diary 20
Conservation of Matter Conservation of Matter 0 Survive 5 Tempests during one session 20
Eternal Torch Eternal Torch 0 Restore 100 Tree of Order HP by sacrifising mages 20
Governor Governor 0 Spend 300 Aether during one Serenity 20
Words of the Wind Words of the Wind 0 Collect 150 Aether throughout the game by using mages 20
Averter of Glory Averter of Glory 0 Upgrade Garrison to 3 level 20
Sail Master Sail Master 0 Upgrade Catcher of the Wind to 3 level 20
Word of Light Word of Light 0 Upgrade Tower of Light to 3 level 20
Inaccessible Mind Inaccessible Mind 0 Spend 150 Aether to restore Tower of Light HP 20
Drill Drill 0 Spend 150 Aether to restore Garrison HP 20
Keeper's Seal Keeper's Seal 0 Acquire 100 scrolls throughout the game 20
Bottomless Flask Bottomless Flask 0 Acquire 100 potions throughout the game 20
Blessing of Luck Blessing of Luck 0 Get favorable outcomes in events 5 times 20
Flawless Tempest Flawless Tempest 0 Prevent 100 damage to the Garrison by using mages 95
Invisible Fortress Invisible Fortress 0 Prevent 100 damage to the Tower of Light by using mages 95
Inner Greatness Inner Greatness 0 Survive 5 Tempests with at least one artifact in the Hall of Fame 20
Prayer for the Tree Prayer for the Tree 0 Reach 5 Tempest without taking damage to the Tree of Order 20
Easy Transit Easy Transit 0 Summon a Mage through Crystal Retort 20
Sacrification Sacrification 0 Reach 5 Tempest without using potions 20
The Luck of Quixotic The Luck of Quixotic 0 Reach 100 Tempest without using artefacts 20
Enchanted Soul Enchanted Soul 0 Revive one time 20
Blood of the Tree Blood of the Tree 0 Receive 350 damage to the Tree of Order throughout the game 20
Inner Ring Inner Ring 0 Get 10 ingredients on expeditions 20
Tears of the Doomed Tears of the Doomed 0 Survive 3 Tempests while having only one mage 20
Mercantilism Mercantilism 0 Upgrade Catcher of the Wind, Market, and Crystal Retort to a maximum level by 12 Tempest 50
War Bond War Bond 0 Upgrade Garrison, Portal and Hall of Fame to a maximum level by 12 Tempest 50
Profit Spell Profit Spell 0 Upgrade Catcher of the Wind, Market, and Crystal Retort to a maximum level by 12 Tempest 50
Kiss of Faith Kiss of Faith 0 Sacrifice a Mage 20