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Rain on Your Parade Achievements

Full list of Rain on Your Parade achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rain on Your Parade has 33 achievements worth 1500 gamerscore

Minimum Effort Minimum Effort 0 Wooo, you started the game! 10
Fanservice Fanservice 0 Soak all your Fanboys 100
Thunderliscious! Thunderliscious! 0 Unlock Thunder 10
Chilly! Chilly! 0 Unlock Snow 10
Windy! Windy! 0 Unlock Tornado 10
Winner is You! Winner is You! 0 Beat the Game 100
Beach Party! Beach Party! 0 Not a rain drop was wasted. 50
Pool Party! Pool Party! 0 Everybody in the pool! 50
Popcorn. Yum! Popcorn. Yum! 0 Make some popcorn. 50
Gravity Gun Gravity Gun 0 Beat First Person Cloud without picking up any ammo. 50
Gotta Go Fast! Gotta Go Fast! 0 Get the CloudOut ball moving over 200 m/s. 50
Master Thief Master Thief 0 Steal all the paintings from the museum. 50
Such Strategy, Very Tactic Such Strategy, Very Tactic 0 Do not let Seattle take any damage 100
Canyon Master Canyon Master 0 Get through the Dryspell Canyon within the time limit and without getting hit. 50
Party Crasher Party Crasher 0 Crash Dryspell's Resort within the time limit and without getting hit. 50
Infiltrator Master Infiltrator Master 0 Infiltrate Dryspell's Secret Base within the time limit and without getting hit. 50
Lava Cave Master Lava Cave Master 0 Beat the Mt. Dryspell within the time limit and without getting hit. 50
Achievement Cat Achievement Cat 0 Meow meow secret achievement meow. 50

Secret Achievements

The Texan The Texan 0 Spook hoomans with a chainsaw 20
Stylish Cloud Stylish Cloud 0 Wear Sunglasses at Night 20
Break the Game Break the Game 0 You broke the game :( 50
Time to Spare Time to Spare 0 Commentary on filler content to pad play times, or just lazy design? You tell us! 20

Rain on Your Parade - Rain on Your DLC

There are 11 achievements with a total of 500 points.

Speed Demon Speed Demon 0 Win the Game Show 25
Rhythm Cloud Rhythm Cloud 0 Win High Score on Cloud n Beats 50
Player Agency Player Agency 0 Defy Jakub's will 25
Unwettable Unwettable 0 Don't let Cloudy soak anyone in Shine on Your Day 25
Invincible Invincible 0 Beat SHMUP level without getting hit 100
DLC Completionist DLC Completionist 0 Complete all DLC levels 50

Secret Achievements

Pirate Hunter Pirate Hunter 0 Destroy all pirate boats on Sail 25
Farmer Cloud Farmer Cloud 0 Grow all mystery crops on Cloud Valley 75
Hole in One Hole in One 0 Get a hole in one in Cloud Golf 25
Golf Master Golf Master 0 You have mastered the sport! 50
Art Cynic Art Cynic 0 Two years of our work, gone in minutes :( 50