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Moonglow Bay Achievements

Full list of Moonglow Bay achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Moonglow Bay has 37 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Fishing Season Fishing Season 0 Completed the story in 30 in-game days or fewer 100
Restauranteur Restauranteur 0 Completed the story without buying, selling, or trading for shells, any unprepared fish 45
The Art of Conversation The Art of Conversation 0 Became good friends with three characters and collected their stamps 15
Folklore Folklore 0 Listened to 30 unusual fish stories around town 15
Like a Fairytale Like a Fairytale 0 Researched the Beansprout Shark, Gingerbread Barracuda and Fairy Shrimp 15
From the Underworld From the Underworld 0 Researched the Demon-Claw Crab, Ghostly Swordfish and Royal Devil 15
The Stuff of Legend The Stuff of Legend 0 Researched the Unicorn Lobster, Cyclops Fish and Narrownose Chimaera 15
From Beyond From Beyond 0 Researched the Starosa, Void Pike and Cosmic Ray 15
Ocean Wings Ocean Wings 0 Researched the Rogue Pelican Eel, Duck-Billed Trout and Moonglow Flying Fish 15
Crimebusters of the Sea Crimebusters of the Sea 0 Researched the Anuvah Shark, Wolfsbane Shark and Dragonscale Shark 15
Wise and Floofy Wise and Floofy 0 Researched the Jazzy Rabbit Fish, Woollyhead and Warlock Roll Fish 15
Four-Legged Friends Four-Legged Friends 0 Researched the Piglett Bass, Camel Shrimp and Zebrass 15
Collection of Confection Collection of Confection 0 Researched the Sugar Cube Guppy, Marshmallow Fish and Cotton Candy Grouper 15
Ode to a Blacksmith Ode to a Blacksmith 0 Researched the Anvil Grunt, Archer Fish and Halberd Barracuda 15
Selfish Shellfish Selfish Shellfish 0 Earned 5000 shells selling shellfish meals 15
Expedition Expedition 0 Spent 7 continuous days away from town and caught a fish in every biome 15
Conservationist Conservationist 0 Released an Atlantic Halibut, Bluefin Tuna and Atlantic Cod 15
Flying Tackle Flying Tackle 0 Caught a fish using 15 different combinations of rod, lure, and bait 15
Worth Your While Worth Your While 0 Spent 500 shells on a single tow back to town 15
Get-it-off-get-it-off! Get-it-off-get-it-off! 0 Caught a Spider-Eyed Mermaid, then released it within 2 seconds 15

Secret Achievements

The Monster of Moonglow The Monster of Moonglow 0 Rescue the Ruin of Ships 15
Eternal Tempest Eternal Tempest 0 Saved Waffles from the storm 15
An Ancient Feud An Ancient Feud 0 Unlocked the Ocean Door to Twintail Lake 15
They Can Change They Can Change 0 Convinced Claude to reveal the secret of the cavern 15
The Heart of Moonglow The Heart of Moonglow 0 Attended the Centennial Festival and completed the story 45
The Whole Journey The Whole Journey 0 Researched all 151 fish 110
Restored to Prosperity Restored to Prosperity 0 Renovated 100% of the town 100
Versus the Sea Versus the Sea 0 Completed the story without ever calling Abi for a tow 45
Expert Raconteur Expert Raconteur 0 Collected every stamp for your journal 45
Town Roustabout Town Roustabout 0 Completed every side quest 45
The Burden The Burden 0 "Found" the Top Hat Grouper 15
Aquatic Expansion Aquatic Expansion 0 Researched a fish from every biome 15
Culinary Arts Culinary Arts 0 Cooked every recipe 45
Uh... Thanks. I Think. Uh... Thanks. I Think. 0 Traded an Alligator Eel at the Tech Shop 15
You Can Pet The Dog You Can Pet The Dog 0 Pet waffles 50 times 15
Then Peel Me A Grape Then Peel Me A Grape 0 Called Abi for a tow when your boat was fully functional 15
A Tonne of Fun A Tonne of Fun 0 Caught a fish over 1000kg 15