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Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition Achievements

Full list of Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Infused with Light Infused with Light 0 Become Infused with Pure Ancient Energy 15
A Guardian Forgotten A Guardian Forgotten 0 Awaken the Spirit of the North 15
Spirited Away Spirited Away 0 Make it out of the Spirit World 30
Northern Lights Northern Lights 0 Fill the night sky with Aurora Borealis 90
Awaken Awaken 0 Awaken 5 Shaman Spirits 15
Old Companion Old Companion 0 Awaken 12 Shaman Spirits 30
None Forgotten None Forgotten 0 Awaken all 28 Shaman Spirits 90
Kindred Spirits Kindred Spirits 0 Locate and greet all Spirits in the Spirit World 90
Blooms of Light Blooms of Light 0 Collect 25 Spirit Bloom 30
Garden of Light Garden of Light 0 Collect 50 Spirit Bloom 90
Eradicate Eradicate 0 Destroy 3 Plague Tethers 15
Uprooting Darkness Uprooting Darkness 0 Destroy 8 Plague Tethers 30
Plague Doctor Plague Doctor 0 Destroy 18 Plague Tethers 90
Spirit Form Spirit Form 0 Unlock Spirit Form Ability 30
Spirit Dash Spirit Dash 0 Unlock Spirit Dash Ability 30
Spirit Bark Spirit Bark 0 Unlock Spirit Bark Ability 30
Fox? Or Flying Squirrel? Fox? Or Flying Squirrel? 0 Stay airborne for more than 8 seconds using jump-gates or geysers 30
Written In Stone Written In Stone 0 Infuse 30 Standing Stones 90
Match Maker Match Maker 0 Match 12 sets of Revolving Matching Glyphs 30
Ancient History Ancient History 0 Find and light all 8 types of carved Ancient Murals 80
Foxin' Around Foxin' Around 0 Stand still for 3 minutes 15
Best Friends Best Friends 0 Cause the Wisp chirp 100 times 15
Fetch Fetch 0 Carry a Shaman Staff for 3 minutes 10
Weightless Weightless 0 While in Spirit Form; step on a pressure plate, an unstable platform, and walk on water 10