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Tanknarok Achievements

Full list of Tanknarok achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Tanknarok has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Participation award! Participation award! 0 You played TANKNAROK for the first time! Great! 10
An exellent Host An exellent Host 0 Play 100 local matches 50
It's a twofer It's a twofer 0 Destroy two enemies with one shot 20
Bumper Thumper Bumper Thumper 0 Bounce 500 times on bumpers 30
Ceramic Carnage Ceramic Carnage 0 Break 100 dungeon urns 20
Cold Murder Cold Murder 0 Break Frosty the snowtank 20
Bathroom Butchery Bathroom Butchery 0 Break the outhouse 20
Tankinator Tankinator 0 Destroy 500 tanks 50
Flawless Flawless 0 Kill all other tanks in a round with four players 30
The song of my people The song of my people 0 Honk 1000 times 20
Tanktastic Tanktastic 0 Kill three tanks in a row during a single match without dying 20
Tankredible Tankredible 0 Kill four tanks in a row during a single match without dying 25
Tanktastrophy Tanktastrophy 0 Kill five tanks in a row during a single match without dying 35
Tankpocalypse Tankpocalypse 0 Kill six tanks in a row during a single match without dying 40
Krokogator Dundee Krokogator Dundee 0 Kill 20 tanks using krokogators 40
This is my Boomstick! This is my Boomstick! 0 Kill 20 tanks using the boomstick 30
Time to mow the lawn! Time to mow the lawn! 0 Kill 20 tanks using the minigun 30
Definitely not a Stormtrooper Definitely not a Stormtrooper 0 Kill 50 tanks using the laser gun 30
Tankstermination Tankstermination 0 In a 4-player game, kill all other tanks in less than three seconds 50
Weapon Specialist Weapon Specialist 0 Kill 3 other players using a single powerup 20
Taking you with me! Taking you with me! 0 Kill an enemy tank from the grave with the Controlled Missile 40
Sweet Revenge Sweet Revenge 0 Kill the tank that killed you last 20
Wait, what?! Wait, what?! 0 Kill your own tank with your own weapon 20
Roughhousing with friends Roughhousing with friends 0 Play a match in local mode with 4 players 20
Been there, seen that Been there, seen that 0 Play in all themes 20
Stop following me! Stop following me! 0 Stun 100 drones 30
Scratchless Scratchless 0 Survive a level with full health 20
Comfortable being the best Comfortable being the best 0 Win 10 matches online 50
Perfection Perfection 0 Win a match 5-0 30
My cannon ain't workin'! My cannon ain't workin'! 0 Win a round without firing your cannon 30
Who needs those anyway? Who needs those anyway? 0 Win a round without picking up any powerups 30