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Space Station Sprint Achievements

Full list of Space Station Sprint achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Space Station Sprint has 26 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Your First Space Jump Your First Space Jump 0 Finished the Tutorial Level 15
Close One Close One 0 Completed a level with less than 1 second remaining 20
First Upgrade First Upgrade 0 Found your first upgrade 10
Collectible Collectible 0 Found your first collectible 10
Slow Sprinter Slow Sprinter 0 Ran out of time in a level 10
Flawless Victory Flawless Victory 0 Completed a level without getting damaged 25
Space Throne Space Throne 0 Found the secret throne 40
Collector Collector 0 Found All Collectibles 100
One Hundred Percent One Hundred Percent 0 Completed 100% of a Level 40
Easter Egg Easter Egg 0 Literally 20
Mini Volt Mini Volt 0 Found the Mini Volt figure 30
Pacifist Pacifist 0 Completed a level without defeating an enemy 20
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith 0 Found the secret platform in space 40
Bronze Sprinter Bronze Sprinter 0 Have a combined time remaining of more than 140 seconds 40
Silver Sprinter Silver Sprinter 0 Have a combined time remaining of more than 200 seconds 50
Gold Sprinter Gold Sprinter 0 Have a combined time remaining of more than 260 seconds 80
Speed Run 1 Speed Run 1 0 Beat the training level with more than 33 seconds remaining 40
Speed Run 2 Speed Run 2 0 Completed level 7 with more than 35 seconds remaining 40
Speed Run 3 Speed Run 3 0 Completed level 10 with more than 45 seconds remaining 40
Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight Sweet Dreams, Sleep Tight 0 Shot out the lights in the secret bedroom 40
Secret Hideout Secret Hideout 0 Found the secret hideout room 40
Secret Good Boy Secret Good Boy 0 Found the Good Boy 40
Secret Experiments Secret Experiments 0 Found the secret experimentation room 40
Space Farmer Space Farmer 0 Found the Shotgun Farmers secret room 40

Secret Achievements

Mission Complete Mission Complete 0 Finished the game 100
Hey Now Hey Now 0 You shot my poster 30