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R-Type Final 2: DLC Set 1 Achievements

Full list of R-Type Final 2: DLC Set 1 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

R-Type Final 2: DLC Set 1 has 4 achievements worth 190 gamerscore

Third Bydo Mission Third Bydo Mission 0 Reliving-III: A record of the battle during Operation Code "THE THIRD LIGHTNING". 10
Eden Paradox Eden Paradox 0 Re-experience LEO: records of the "Eden Paradox" conflict that occurred in a parallel dimension. 10

Secret Achievements

Mega W. Cannon Mega W. Cannon 0 Brought Re-experience III to a close with the full-charge Mega W. Cannon's annihilating blast. 50
A Worldline Without Force A Worldline Without Force 0 Completed Re-experience LEO without equipping any Force, and bore witness to humanity's heroics. 120

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