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R-Type Final 2 Achievements

Full list of R-Type Final 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

R-Type Final 2 has 50 achievements worth 1630 gamerscore

Welcome to Team R-TYPE! Welcome to Team R-TYPE! 0 Register as a pilot of a craft and start your mission. 10
1st Mission: Fly Once More 1st Mission: Fly Once More 0 Clear 1st Mission and embark on a new mission. 10
Pilot Training Complete Pilot Training Complete 0 You have confirmed the operations of the craft with the R Manual. It's time to move out! 10
Forever in the Annals of History Forever in the Annals of History 0 You have flown with various crafts and armaments. Usage rates reflect your individuality as a pilot. 10
Mission Command Mission Command 0 You have switched the stages with the Original Course Editing feature. Let's get going! 10
Unleash the Force Unleash the Force 0 You used a special weapon. Witness the power of the Force! 10
Fully Armed! Fully Armed! 0 You fully upgraded your armaments and the DOSE gauge is at FULL. Fear is now an alien concept to you 10
Get Developing Get Developing 0 You have resumed craft development. This will be an achievement for humanity. 10
Development Is IN OrD3r Development Is IN OrD3r 0 Craft development has started. The plan is moving forward. 30
Development is n0T ComPl3te Development is n0T ComPl3te 0 You have developed multiple craft. The next thing is... 50
The Miracle of R The Miracle of R 0 You have collected many records in the Gallery. In the future, these will tell the legend of R. 50
Nightmare of Human Invention Nightmare of Human Invention 0 Much research on the Bydo has been completed at the Bydo Lab. We have learned... 30
Whenever, Wherever Whenever, Wherever 0 You have been involved in 300 battles and fought with distinction. 30
Top Pilot Top Pilot 0 Absolutely outstanding! You've scored 1,000,000 points! 30
Good Night, Beast Good Night, Beast 0 You've defeated 10,000 Bydo. Bye-bye, Bydo! 20
POW Armor, Always in My Heart POW Armor, Always in My Heart 0 You got 500 items from POW Armor. That is pow, pow, WOW! 20
Final Frontier of Fashion Final Frontier of Fashion 0 You've obtained 30 Pilot Suits. That's a formidable wardrobe. 20
Abundant Research Resources Abundant Research Resources 0 You've earned 100,000 R Points. I can't wait to see how you use them. 20
Veteran Medalist Veteran Medalist 0 Your remarkable work has not gone unnoticed and you have amassed many medals. 30

Secret Achievements

2nd Mission: The Nightmare Worsens 2nd Mission: The Nightmare Worsens 0 Clear 2nd Mission and prepare for another victory. 10
3rd Mission: Lost in Darkness 3rd Mission: Lost in Darkness 0 Clear 3rd Mission and ward off a great threat. 10
4th Mission: Retribution 4th Mission: Retribution 0 Clear 4th Mission and make history. 10
5th Mission: The Destiny We Choose 5th Mission: The Destiny We Choose 0 Clear 5th Mission for the future of humanity. 20
6th Mission: Onwards 6th Mission: Onwards 0 Clear 6th Mission and reach the final chapter of this saga. 20
Final Mission: Mission Accomplished Final Mission: Mission Accomplished 0 Clear the Final Mission and bring this great epic to a close. 20
Honorable R-TYPER Honorable R-TYPER 0 Cleared the R-TYPER hard difficulty. A new challenge awaits! 50
Remarkable R-TYPER Remarkable R-TYPER 0 Cleared the Final Mission on R-TYPER 2 elite difficulty. You excel amongst your peers. 80
Incomparable R-TYPER Incomparable R-TYPER 0 Cleared the Final Mission on R-TYPER 3 ultimate difficulty. No Bydo could ever defeat you. 120
Dantalion's Flute Dantalion's Flute 0 Witnessed an ominous trans-dimensional fighter during subspace travel. 20
Let's Do This, Admiral! Let's Do This, Admiral! 0 You have been promoted to Admiral. But there is also an urgent communication... 30
Invincible Blow Invincible Blow 0 Defeated 10 or more Bydo with one Wave Cannon blast. 10
Ultimate Blow Ultimate Blow 0 Fired a Wave Cannon with a GREAT gauge or better. 10
Across a Sea of Stars Across a Sea of Stars 0 Fought in various battles and fulfilled your missions. 30
Whirlwind on the Battlefield Whirlwind on the Battlefield 0 Defeated a Huge Bydo in a blink of an eye. 30
Flawless R-TYPER Flawless R-TYPER 0 Started with a difficulty of R-TYPER or higher and cleared the Final Mission without crashing once. 120
Legendary R-TYPER Legendary R-TYPER 0 You've unlocked the complete R-TYPE FINAL 2 Achievements. 0

R-Type Final 2: DLC Set 1

There are 4 achievements with a total of 190 points.

Third Bydo Mission Third Bydo Mission 0 Reliving-III: A record of the battle during Operation Code "THE THIRD LIGHTNING". 10
Eden Paradox Eden Paradox 0 Re-experience LEO: records of the "Eden Paradox" conflict that occurred in a parallel dimension. 10

Secret Achievements

Mega W. Cannon Mega W. Cannon 0 Brought Re-experience III to a close with the full-charge Mega W. Cannon's annihilating blast. 50
A Worldline Without Force A Worldline Without Force 0 Completed Re-experience LEO without equipping any Force, and bore witness to humanity's heroics. 120

R-Type Final 2: DLC Set 2

There are 4 achievements with a total of 190 points.

Demonic Rhapsody Demonic Rhapsody 0 Re-experience Delta: records of the "Demonic Rhapsody" battle. A tragedy incited by a former hero. 10
First Bydo Mission - Battleship Blitzkrieg First Bydo Mission - Battleship Blitzkrieg 0 Re-experience I: records of the battle against a massive battleship during the first Bydo mission. 10

Secret Achievements

Dose System Extraordinaire Dose System Extraordinaire 0 Your adept use of SP Weapons brought Re-experience Delta to a close. Turns out big guns ARE better. 50
Battleship Blown to Smithereens Battleship Blown to Smithereens 0 Destroyed all of the parts attached to the massive battleship bringing an end to Re-experience I. 120

R-Type Final 2: DLC Set 3

There are 6 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Last Dance Last Dance 0 Re-experience FINAL: records of the mission codenamed "Last Dance." The end to a long fought battle. 10
Second Bydo Mission Second Bydo Mission 0 Re-experience II: battle records of the "Second Bydo Mission." Shred the boundaries of reality. 10
First Bydo Mission - Encounter First Bydo Mission - Encounter 0 Re-experience I: battle records of the "First Bydo Mission." This is where it all began. 10

Secret Achievements

Apex of Distorted Ecosystems Apex of Distorted Ecosystems 0 Brought Re-experience FINAL to a close by suppressing all kinds of strange lifeforms. 50
High-speed Death Race High-speed Death Race 0 Pursued the highspeed giant Bydo in Re-experience II to the very end. Blink and you'll miss it. 50
True Dopkera Buster True Dopkera Buster 0 Destroyed the latching eyes in Re-experience I on R-TYPER difficulty or higher. 120