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R-Type Final 2: DLC Set 3 Achievements

Full list of R-Type Final 2: DLC Set 3 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

R-Type Final 2: DLC Set 3 has 6 achievements worth 250 gamerscore

Last Dance Last Dance 0 Re-experience FINAL: records of the mission codenamed "Last Dance." The end to a long fought battle. 10
Second Bydo Mission Second Bydo Mission 0 Re-experience II: battle records of the "Second Bydo Mission." Shred the boundaries of reality. 10
First Bydo Mission - Encounter First Bydo Mission - Encounter 0 Re-experience I: battle records of the "First Bydo Mission." This is where it all began. 10

Secret Achievements

Apex of Distorted Ecosystems Apex of Distorted Ecosystems 0 Brought Re-experience FINAL to a close by suppressing all kinds of strange lifeforms. 50
High-speed Death Race High-speed Death Race 0 Pursued the highspeed giant Bydo in Re-experience II to the very end. Blink and you'll miss it. 50
True Dopkera Buster True Dopkera Buster 0 Destroyed the latching eyes in Re-experience I on R-TYPER difficulty or higher. 120

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