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Madness Beverage Achievements

Full list of Madness Beverage achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Madness Beverage has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Open The Door Open The Door 0 Completed the game on any difficulty 100
That Was Tough That Was Tough 0 Completed the game on Hard difficulty 150
First Blood First Blood 0 Killed 1st enemy 10
House of the Dragon House of the Dragon 0 Completed Lava Caves Stage 10
Rematch Time Rematch Time 0 Beat Manos 10
Captain Big Mouth Captain Big Mouth 0 Got Beaten by Manos 10
Aliens? Aliens? 0 Completed Alien Worlds Stage 10
Creepy Castle Creepy Castle 0 Completed Neo Valkyria Stage 10
Oh Shit Here We Go Again Oh Shit Here We Go Again 0 Complete Neo Valkyria Revisited Stage 10
Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home 0 Completed Russia Snowlands Stage 10
Deep Down Deep Down 0 Completed Underworld Caves Stage 10
Lab Rats Lab Rats 0 Completed Laboratory Stage 10
Destiny Destiny 0 Teleported to another dimension arena at least once 20
Madness Madness 0 Got a kill with every weapon in game 60
Drug Addict Drug Addict 0 Got Toxicity level to max 20
The Juice The Juice 0 Unlocked your first Madness Beverage 10
Drinks Connoisseur Drinks Connoisseur 0 Used each Madness Beverage at least once 50
Business Problems Business Problems 0 Survived Space Market invasion 10
Art Connoisseur Art Connoisseur 0 You unlocked your first game art 10
Collector Collector 0 You unlocked all pieces of game art 150
Killing Spree Killing Spree 0 You killed 100 enemies 30
Serial Killer Serial Killer 0 You killed 500 enemies 60
Exterminator Exterminator 0 You killed 1000 enemies 100
Gladiator Gladiator 0 You've reached 100th wave in Colosseum 130