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Gelly Break Deluxe Achievements

Full list of Gelly Break Deluxe achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Gelly Break Deluxe has 17 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Completionist Completionist 0 Beat 100% of the game. 20
Stay Together Stay Together 0 Defeat Evil Blob with two players. 150
Evil Vanquished Evil Vanquished 0 Defeat Evil Blob. 150
In Case of Emergency In Case of Emergency 0 Break all the glass in the lab. 30
Sneaky Gellies Sneaky Gellies 0 Go through the hidden passageway. 20
High Road High Road 0 Defeat Evil Blob in the lab, sparing his minions. 150
Tightrope Walk Tightrope Walk 0 Collect the fruit on the mast. 15
Very Hungry Gellies Very Hungry Gellies 0 Collect all the fruit in the lava river. 30
Breakout Breakout 0 Beat the first level. 15
Collect 'em All Collect 'em All 0 Free all captive Gellies. 150
Rollercoaster Rollercoaster 0 Collect the lives on the conveyor belts. 30
Village People Village People 0 Find the Gelly village. 15
Toodles, Turtle Toodles, Turtle 0 Beat the turtle boss. 30
Snake Charmer Snake Charmer 0 Beat the snake boss. 30
Gelly Up! Gelly Up! 0 Climb the jungle walls together. 15
Locksmith Locksmith 0 Unlock all levels. 100
Play Together Play Together 0 Play Gelly Break with two players. 50