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Darker Skies Achievements

Full list of Darker Skies achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Darker Skies has 13 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

So it begins... So it begins... 0 Complete the Tutorial 20
People used to live here? People used to live here? 0 Completed the Apartments. 100
Nathan's Kingdom Nathan's Kingdom 0 Completed Nathan's Kingdom 50
Plane Wreckage Plane Wreckage 0 Completed Plane Wreckage 50
Escaped Escaped 0 Completed the Prison 100
Red Weed Everywhere Red Weed Everywhere 0 Completed Castleton 100
The Beautiful Game The Beautiful Game 0 Completed the Stadium 100
Vitality Vitality 0 Fully upgraded Jack 50
Tooled Up Tooled Up 0 Unlocked All Throwables 50
Fallen Tripod Fallen Tripod 0 Defeated the Tripod 100
Zapped Zapped 0 Took out 3 enemies at the same time using throwables. 150
Trollin' Trollin' 0 Completed the Game for 1 Gamerscore. 1

Secret Achievements

Just Kidding Just Kidding 0 Here's the rest! 129