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Comanche Achievements

Full list of Comanche achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Comanche has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Learn to Fly Learn to Fly 0 Finished the Tutorial 10
Lost and Found Lost and Found 0 Completed Operation Blind Anvil 20
Winter Ghost Winter Ghost 0 Completed Operation Door Breaker 20
Burning Desert Burning Desert 0 Completed Operation Bank Job 30
Lost in the Clouds Lost in the Clouds 0 Completed Operation Fire Sale 30
New Enemy New Enemy 0 Completed Operation Thunder Flash 50
411 Reasons 411 Reasons 0 Completed Operation Fly Swatter 50
Mission Accomplished Mission Accomplished 0 Completed Operation Prodigal Reaper 100
Conflict Resolved Conflict Resolved 0 Completed Operation: Itzal 20
Serious Problem Solver Serious Problem Solver 0 Completed five Conflicts missions 30
All Wrapped Up All Wrapped Up 0 Completed all Conflicts missions 50
Distinguished Pilot Distinguished Pilot 0 Earned all medals in a Conflicts mission 30
Half Way There Half Way There 0 Earned 22 medals from Conflicts missions 50
Complete Collection Complete Collection 0 Earned all medals in all Conflicts missions 100
Getting Better Getting Better 0 Improved a stat in a Conflicts mission 20
Mass Destruction Mass Destruction 0 Eliminated all enemies in a Conflicts mission 50
Just Messing Around Just Messing Around 0 Tried the Shooting Range 10
Piece of Cake Piece of Cake 0 Completed the Basic Flight Course 10
Getting Serious Getting Serious 0 Completed the Advanced Flight Course 20
Tribute to Joris-Jan Tribute to Joris-Jan 0 Completed the Expert Flight Course 30
New Bird New Bird 0 Unlocked a Comanche variant 50
New Toy New Toy 0 Unlocked a drone variant 30
New Paint Job New Paint Job 0 Purchased a skin 20
Out of the Box Out of the Box 0 Completed a match of Blackbox 20
Infiltrated Infiltrated 0 Completed a match of Infiltration 20
First Blood First Blood 0 Eliminated an enemy helicopter in a multiplayer match 30
Power Out Power Out 0 Successfully activated the EMP in Infiltration 30
Blackbox Collector Blackbox Collector 0 Collected five black boxes 50
Team Player Team Player 0 Recovered a friendly black box 20