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Mainframe Defenders Achievements

Full list of Mainframe Defenders achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Mainframe Defenders has 14 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Assets Holder Assets Holder 0 Complete Matter Raid and pick up 5 caches 50
CEO CEO 0 Finish the game on Very Hard difficulty 100
Economy Economy 0 Finish the game without using rare items 150
Effective Manager Effective Manager 0 Finish the game while having 1000+ matter 150
Employee Employee 0 Finish the game on Easy difficulty 50
Firewall Firewall 0 Finish a game with unit having 70+ hull or 15+ armor 50
Heat Death Heat Death 0 Kill a unit while this unit has 3 times the max heat 50
Long Term Strategy Long Term Strategy 0 Apply 5 different status effects on a single enemy 50
Mainframe Defenders Mainframe Defenders 0 Complete the final mission 50
Middle Manager Middle Manager 0 Finish the game on Normal difficulty 50
RND RND 0 Unlock all units and items 100
Rust Bucket Rust Bucket 0 Kill a unit with 60+ Corrosion stacks 50
Valuable Property Valuable Property 0 Finish the game without any squad unit deaths 50
Vice President Vice President 0 Finish the game on Hard difficulty 50