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Roki Achievements

Full list of Roki achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Roki has 32 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Crafts Person Crafts Person 0 Successfully combined two items 15
Taking Care of Business Taking Care of Business 0 Escorted Lars to the outhouse 15
Big Hill Big Hill 0 Completed Chapter 1 15
Troll friend Troll friend 0 Helped a troll 15
Raven Botherer Raven Botherer 0 Rescued the Great Mother Tree 15
Tomte Summoner Tomte Summoner 0 Summoned a Tomte 15
Bell Ringer Bell Ringer 0 Created a new path in the church 15
Follow the Flow Follow the Flow 0 Received a helping hand 50
Run Away! Run Away! 0 Escaped from the waterlogged caves 15
Such a Charmer Such a Charmer 0 Had Fossegrim charm an instrument 15
Wolf Waker Wolf Waker 0 Awakened Jötunúlfur 50
Bear Rouser Bear Rouser 0 Awakened Jötunbjörn 50
Eyes Open Eyes Open 0 Saw beyond the veil 15
Other Sider Other Sider 0 Completed Chapter 2 50
Fine Dining Fine Dining 0 Solved the dining hall puzzle 15
Secret Sundial Secret Sundial 0 Solved the sundial puzzle 15
Team Player Team Player 0 Opened the gate to the tower 50
Redemption Redemption 0 Completed the game 50
Scenic Route Scenic Route 0 Explored off the beaten track 30
Eye for detail Eye for detail 0 Examined 50 unique backpack items 30
Connected Connected 0 Opened all of the Rootways 30
Grave Thoughts Grave Thoughts 0 Read every gravestone 30
Tomte Talk Tomte Talk 0 Got to know the mill Tomte 30
Testrollsterstone Testrollsterstone 0 Found all of the petrified Trollbrothers 30
Honour Bound Honour Bound 0 Returned Trollhilde's gold 30
Top Spinner Top Spinner 0 Spun the top 5 times 30
Growing Pains Growing Pains 0 Insulted Shroomi 30
Forlorn Hope Forlorn Hope 0 Found all the explorer notes in the castle 30
Building Bridges Building Bridges 0 Said everything that needs to be said 30
Good Listener Good Listener 0 Got to know the castle's inhabitants 30
Textile Detective Textile Detective 0 Found all the Guardian banners in the castle 30
Badge Master Badge Master 0 Acquired all other badges 130