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Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse (Episode 1) Achievements

Full list of Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse (Episode 1) achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Cyanide & Happiness - Freakpocalypse (Episode 1) has 55 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

About Damn Time About Damn Time 0 Return the overdue book to the Librarian 15
A Bushy Tale A Bushy Tale 0 Listen to the Bush's tragic story 20
A Long Road Ahead A Long Road Ahead 0 Complete Part 1 20
Back In My Day Back In My Day 0 Listen to all of Grandpa TieGuy's stories 20
Blue Brailles Blue Brailles 0 Deliver porn to Stevie Shades 15
Blue Shirted Eye Grabber Blue Shirted Eye Grabber 0 Acquire the lab technician's eyeball 15
Burned By Bernie Burned By Bernie 0 Listen to every one of Bernie's "Prune Swirl" insults 20
Chick'n Coop Chick'n Coop 0 Get credit card signature from Mothercluck'n Chick'n customer 15
Chill Out Chill Out 0 Learn about 10 different ice cream flavors from Dr. Scoops 20
Creepy Peepy Boy Creepy Peepy Boy 0 Gain access to the girl's locker room. 20
Desperate Times Desperate Times 0 Ask every person you possibly can out to prom 25
Die Of Boredom Die Of Boredom 0 Stand in one location without moving for 30 minutes 20
Distraction With Action Distraction With Action 0 Distract Patty by making Starsky & Hutch get into a fight 20
Distraction With Attraction Distraction With Attraction 0 Distract Patty by making Starsky & Hutch fall in love 15
Don't Slurp That Don't Slurp That 0 Give a condom to a boy in need 20
Every Town Has An Elm Street Every Town Has An Elm Street 0 Find a nightmarish costume 15
Eye For Detail Eye For Detail 0 Use the retinal scanner in the Secret Lab 20
Get To Know Shark Dad Get To Know Shark Dad 0 Have a conversation with Shark Dad. 15
Gotta Got 'Em All Gotta Got 'Em All 0 Insult every object you can with your "Got 'ems" 25
Guerilla Marketer Guerilla Marketer 0 Post all three of Sawyer's flyers 15
Hobo Habitat Hobo Habitat 0 Give Hobo Moe a new home 15
Hoochaholic Hoochaholic 0 Deliver all the supplies for making fine toilet wine 15
Huff The Magic Dragon Huff The Magic Dragon 0 Give Mark Hufferman a new marker 15
Hurt Me More! Hurt Me More! 0 Catch Mr. Murphy in his S&M outfit 15
Jeremiah 29:12 Jeremiah 29:12 0 Convince someone that you're God 20
Judge A Book By Its Cover Judge A Book By Its Cover 0 Learn about 30 different library book titles 20
Juvenile Delinquent Juvenile Delinquent 0 Get arrested 15
Locker Blocker Locker Blocker 0 Get access to your locker 15
Locker Stalker Locker Stalker 0 Open every Kickstarter Backer locker in the school 20
Look Ma, I Can Fly! Look Ma, I Can Fly! 0 Perform an aerial escape to avoid the bullies 20
Lost Prophet Lost Prophet 0 Find every Jesus 20
Marriage Counselor Marriage Counselor 0 Help the Janitor by ruining Beverly's date 20
Mission Impassable Mission Impassable 0 Reveal hidden lasers in the Secret Lab 20
Mission Permission Mission Permission 0 Forge a signature on the permission slip 15
My Girl My Girl 0 Get rid of the wasp nest 15
Not So Permanent After All Not So Permanent After All 0 Alter your permanent record 20
Operation Intrude N313 Operation Intrude N313 0 Sneak into Golden Haze 15
Participation Award Participation Award 0 Here you go! You deserve it! Everyone deserves it! 15
Printer Pal Printer Pal 0 Fix Grandma's printer 15
Project Runway Project Runway 0 Collect every costume 20
Pummeling Puffs Pummeling Puffs 0 Trick Patty into believing Ms. Puffs stole her lunch, then witness the beatdown 20
Puny Express Puny Express 0 Mail out Gertie's scathing letter 20
Ready For Rod Ready For Rod 0 Get a free pizza from Rod's Thick Pizza 15
Rope-A-Dope Rope-A-Dope 0 Retrieve the rope in the school gymnasium 15
Scarred For Life Scarred For Life 0 Give Drug Dealer some scar cream 15
Send Nudes Send Nudes 0 Deliver Grandma's racy photos to Bernie 15
Speed Demon Speed Demon 0 Complete Part 1 in less than 30 minutes without saving 25
Survivalist Survivalist 0 Find both Ted Bear locations in Part 1 20
The Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen The Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen 0 Stare at a bag blowing in the wind 20
The World Can Wait The World Can Wait 0 Complete all optional sidequests 20
Third Wheel Third Wheel 0 Return the signed prom letter to Crystal 20
Your Lemons Suck Your Lemons Suck 0 Get a pre-order for Lemon Abe's Lemon-Flavored "Lemon" Type Drink 20
Perma Peeper Perma Peeper 0 Look at every Permanent Record in the Principal's Office 20
Freaky Flasher Freaky Flasher 0 Remain completely nude for at least 10 minutes. 20
Coming Clean Coming Clean 0 Find SeƱor Cleanfist. 20