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Rune Factory 4 Special Achievements

Full list of Rune Factory 4 Special achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rune Factory 4 Special has 38 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

First Shipped First Shipped 0 Delicious crops and beautiful accessories. I want to see everyone's smiling faces! 10
First Date First Date 0 Erm, who did I go on a date with, again? I couldn't possibly have forgotten... 10
First Catch First Catch 0 It's a quiet but exciting battle with some wily fishies. Exciting! 10
First Friendly Monster First Friendly Monster 0 There's no border between man and beast. At heart, we're all but monsters! 10
First Cold Caught First Cold Caught 0 If you're tired, take a break. You wouldn't want to worry those close to you! 10
First Request Solved First Request Solved 0 It's a beautiful thing to help someone.Hang on to this feeling always! 10
First Bath First Bath 0 No, not literally! Just my first time bathing at an inn. Sheesh! I'm not THAT gross! 10
Bean Toss Contest Trophy Bean Toss Contest Trophy 0 Ack! So much Failed Dish! 10
De-Fluffing Festival Trophy De-Fluffing Festival Trophy 0 I want to sink into a big Wooly. 10
Fishing Frenzy Trophy Fishing Frenzy Trophy 0 The proof you won Fishing Frenzy Contest. Fish! Fish! Fiiish! 10
Big Catch Contest Trophy Big Catch Contest Trophy 0 You are the Big Catch Contest champ! Yours is bigger than anyone's! 10
Squid Catch Contest Trophy Squid Catch Contest Trophy 0 You conquered the Squid Catch Contest. You're an epic fisherman! 10
Fish Variety Contest Trophy Fish Variety Contest Trophy 0 Fish Variety Contest was all yours. Every fish begs your pardon. 10
Eating Contest Trophy Eating Contest Trophy 0 Food is not drink. Chew it! 10
Turnip Festival Trophy Turnip Festival Trophy 0 Hit two turnips with one ball. 10
Turnip Flurry Trophy Turnip Flurry Trophy 0 Turnips! Give me some turnips! 10
Spring Harvest Festival Trophy Spring Harvest Festival Trophy 0 Yours shone the brightest.Be proud! 10
Summer Harvest Festival Trophy Summer Harvest Festival Trophy 0 Yours shone the brightest.Be proud! 10
Autumn Harvest Festival Trophy Autumn Harvest Festival Trophy 0 Yours shone the brightest.Be proud! 10
Winter Harvest Festival Trophy Winter Harvest Festival Trophy 0 Yours shone the brightest.Be proud! 10
Completed Rune Factory 4 Completed Rune Factory 4 0 Congratulations! You've definitely earned this trophy! 90
Beloved By All Beloved By All 0 Everybody loves you. This is your proof of everlasting friendship. 90
Saved 10,000,000 Gold Saved 10,000,000 Gold 0 Penny pincher, or just got good business sense? Either way, wow! 90
Five Years Passed Five Years Passed 0 Hope you've built up lots of wonderful memories! 90
Shipped All Items Shipped All Items 0 You are a true master of Rune Factory 4. Simply amazing! 90
Had a Baby Had a Baby 0 Your baby is the crystallization of your dreams, hopes and love. 30
Built the Biggest Monster Barn Built the Biggest Monster Barn 0 Any new monsters out there? If so, you're totally ready for 'em! 30
Made It to Level 1,000 Made It to Level 1,000 0 Finally, you hit the thousand mark! This road...has no end... 90

Secret Achievements

Quiz Contest Trophy Quiz Contest Trophy 0 What a genius you are! This is a trophy for a real Quiz King! 20
Buddy Battle Trophy Buddy Battle Trophy 0 Thank you for taking care of me. Master, did I make you proud? 20
Cooking Contest Trophy Cooking Contest Trophy 0 You've mastered cooking. Next love and marriage! 20
Handicraft Contest Trophy Handicraft Contest Trophy 0 You're a forging master! Strike while the iron is hot! 20
Garden of Light Garden of Light 0 You completed the "Garden of Light" in Sharance Maze. 20
Smoldering Prominence Smoldering Prominence 0 You cleared "Smoldering Prominence" in Sharance Maze. 20
Deepwater Shrine Deepwater Shrine 0 You cleared the "Deepwater Shrine" in Sharance Maze. 20
Dragon Ruins Dragon Ruins 0 You cleared the "Dragon Ruins" in Sharance Maze. 20
Challenge to Fantasy Challenge to Fantasy 0 You completed the "Challenge to Fantasy" in Sharance Maze. 20
Banquet of Nightmares Banquet of Nightmares 0 You completed the "Banquet of Nightmares" in Sharance Maze. 20