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FLASHBACK 2 Achievements

Full list of FLASHBACK 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

FLASHBACK 2 has 21 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Gone full circle Gone full circle 0 Destroy the Master Brain during the Conjunction. 80
Angry General Angry General 0 Defeat General Lazarus 80
Until the end Until the end 0 Complete the Morph Vessel level 80
Let it go Let it go 0 Defeat the Morph Assassin 80
Hasty departure Hasty departure 0 Complete the Mutant Village level 80
Who's scared? Who's scared? 0 Defeat the Radiant Alpha 80
Mr. Hart, I presume? Mr. Hart, I presume? 0 Complete the Jungle level 80
Conjonction failed Conjonction failed 0 Fail to destroy the Master Brain during the Conjunction. 80
Mechanic Mechanic 0 Assemble the mecha 30
Fearless student Fearless student 0 Complete the New Tokyo level 30
Oops! Oops! 0 Kill the real president 30
My hero! My hero! 0 Free Helen in Lazarus's Ship 30
Employee of the month Employee of the month 0 Complete every Job Agency mission 30
City slicker City slicker 0 Complete the New Washington level 30
Vigilante Vigilante 0 Kill the fake president 30
Time traveler Time traveler 0 Help Lo'Ann 25
Best Friend Best Friend 0 Free Ian 25
Super Driver Super Driver 0 Collide with 10 cars on the Ring Road 25
Hyper fighting robot Hyper fighting robot 0 Win the mech fight 25
Driver's license Driver's license 0 Drive a bike for the first time 25
State-of-the-art technology State-of-the-art technology 0 Get the gun 25