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Minecraft Dungeons: Cloudy Climb Achievements

Full list of Minecraft Dungeons: Cloudy Climb achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Minecraft Dungeons: Cloudy Climb has 10 achievements worth 220 gamerscore

Fashionable Climber Fashionable Climber 0 Acquire a melee weapon, ranged weapon, armor, and artifact while climbing the tower. 10
Meet and Greet Meet and Greet 0 Make a purchase from each of the tower's vendors. 10
Tower Power Tower Power 0 Complete a tower run on Adventure difficulty. 10
Indomitable Indomitable 0 Complete a tower run on Apocalypse difficulty. 50
Well-Seasoned Well-Seasoned 0 Reach seasonal adventure rank 10. 10
Trendsetter Trendsetter 0 Reach seasonal adventure rank 25. 10
Golden Gauntlet Golden Gauntlet 0 Complete Gauntlet of Gales on Apocalypse difficulty with the golden parrot as your companion 50
So Many Stairs! So Many Stairs! 0 Clear 100 Tower floors. 50
Pet the Dog Pet the Dog 0 "Who's a good wolf? You are! Yes, you are. " 10

Secret Achievements

Staff Only (secret) Staff Only (secret) 0 You aren't supposed to be here! 10

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