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Minecraft Dungeons Achievements

Full list of Minecraft Dungeons achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Minecraft Dungeons has 104 achievements worth 3000 gamerscore

Life Of The Party Life Of The Party 0 Revive a downed friend 20 times. 50
Wooden Sword Wooden Sword 0 Defeat 50 mobs. 10
Diamond Sword Diamond Sword 0 Defeat 2,500 mobs. 30
Passive Aggressive Passive Aggressive 0 Defeat 50 passive mobs. 10
Break the Spell Break the Spell 0 Defeat 50 enchanted mobs. 30
Scrappy Scout Scrappy Scout 0 Reach Level 10. 10
Apprentice Adventurer Apprentice Adventurer 0 Reach Level 25. 30
Expert Explorer Expert Explorer 0 Reach Level 50. 100
Fancy That! Fancy That! 0 Find and open your first 'fancy' treasure chest. 10
More For Me More For Me 0 Open 100 treasure chests. 30
Cha-ching! Cha-ching! 0 Collect a total of 1,000 emeralds. 30
Oooh! Shiny! Oooh! Shiny! 0 Collect a total of 5,000 emeralds. 100
Om Nom Nom Om Nom Nom 0 Eat 200 food items. 10
Happy Camper Happy Camper 0 Complete Squid Coast and set up camp. 10
Out of the Woods Out of the Woods 0 Complete Creeper Woods. 10
The Plot Thickens The Plot Thickens 0 Complete Pumpkin Pastures and Soggy Swamp. 20
Built On Sand, Set in Stone Built On Sand, Set in Stone 0 Complete Redstone Mines and Cacti Canyon. 50
High and Dry High and Dry 0 Complete Desert Temple, Fiery Forge and Highblock Halls. 80
Saved The Overworld Saved The Overworld 0 Defeat the Arch-Illager at the Obsidian Pinnacle. 100
High Treason High Treason 0 Defeat the Arch-Illager on Apocalypse difficulty. 100
Blast Radius Blast Radius 0 Kill any 10 mobs at once with TNT. 30
Maxed Out And Geared Up Maxed Out And Geared Up 0 Equip a Gear set consisting of fully enchanted items (3 Enchantment Slots upgraded to Level 3). 100
Worked Like A Charm Worked Like A Charm 0 Enchant an item and upgrade the enchantment to Tier 3. 20
A Friend in Need A Friend in Need 0 Use artifacts to summon the Wolf, Llama and Iron Golem allies at least once each. 30

Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens

There are 5 achievements with a total of 130 points.

Abomination Domination Abomination Domination 0 Complete Overgrown Temple on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty. 50
Pandamonium Pandamonium 0 Complete the Panda Plateau secret mission. 20
Leader Of The Pack Leader Of The Pack 0 Wear the Ocelot Armour and complete any mission featuring Ocelots without killing any of them. 10
Survival Skills Survival Skills 0 Complete Dingy Jungle without using a healing potion or losing a life. 20
Jungle Fungus Jungle Fungus 0 Defeat the Mooshroom Monstrosity using only gear unique to the jungle. 30

Minecraft Dungeons: Creeping Winter

There are 5 achievements with a total of 120 points.

Lone Champion Lone Champion 0 Complete Lone Fortress on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty. 50
Lost In The Snow Lost In The Snow 0 Complete the Lost Settlement secret mission. 20
Chill Out Chill Out 0 Defeat 5 mobs with a single Ice Wand attack 10
Smooth Operator Smooth Operator 0 Slide a total distance of 500 blocks on ice. 10
Frozen Fists Frozen Fists 0 Complete Frosted Fjord without having a melee or ranged weapon equipped at any time. 30

Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Taming the Storm Taming the Storm 0 Complete Gale Sanctum on Adventure or Apocalypse difficulty. 50
Rampart Rampage Rampart Rampage 0 Complete the Colossal Rampart secret mission. 20
Whirlwind Warrior Whirlwind Warrior 0 Using the Tempest Knife, defeat 10 Mountaineer mobs within 10 seconds. 10
A Taste Of Their Own Medicine A Taste Of Their Own Medicine 0 Using the Updraft Tome, cast Updraft on three Wind Callers at once. 10
Wooly Wisdom Wooly Wisdom 0 Find the chamber dedicated to the humble Llama and make an offering. 10
Giant Slayer Giant Slayer 0 Defeat a Ravager and a Squall Golem within 5 seconds of each other. 20
Herd Mentality Herd Mentality 0 Defeat the Tempest Golem while four pets are active. 20
Post Post-Apocalypse Post Post-Apocalypse 0 Complete Obsidian Pinnacle on Apocalypse Plus 5 difficulty. 50
Dress for Success Dress for Success 0 Complete a Daily Trial with a level III challenge while wearing Emerald Gear. 50
Repeat Customer Repeat Customer 0 Save yourself by using the Death Barter enchantment twice in a single mission. 10

Minecraft Dungeons: Flames of the Nether

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Nether Been Better Nether Been Better 0 Complete Nether Wastes on Apocalypse difficulty. 20
Trial by Fire Trial by Fire 0 Complete all secret Nether levels on any Apocalypse Plus difficulty. 50
Ancient Hunter Ancient Hunter 0 Defeat 15 different ancient mobs. 50
A Piglin's Best Friend A Piglin's Best Friend 0 Collect 500 gold over time. 20
Locally Sourced Locally Sourced 0 Have 6 merchants in your camp at once. 10
Ear Protection Recommended Ear Protection Recommended 0 Activate the Gong of Weakning 6 times in 5 seconds. 10
Acclaimed Acrobat Acclaimed Acrobat 0 Achieve 70 hits with a single activation of the Spinblade. 10
Back to Back Back to Back 0 Complete two Ancient Hunts and two Daily Trials, in two-player co-op, on the second day of the month 50
Homecoming Homecoming 0 During Ancient Hunts, bring a wolf, a bat, and a soul entity to visit familiar locations. 10
Seriously Overpowered Seriously Overpowered 0 Equip a gilded, unique, fully enchanted weapon. 20

Minecraft Dungeons: Hidden Depths

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Turn the Tide Turn the Tide 0 Complete Abyssal Monument on Apocalypse difficulty. 10
Glow and Behold Glow and Behold 0 Complete the Radiant Ravine secret mission on any Apocalypse Plus difficulty. 50
Gone Fishin' Gone Fishin' 0 Hit each type of underwater mob with the fishing rod. 10
Save Your Breath Save Your Breath 0 Survive without oxygen for 60 seconds. 50
Seafood Skewer Seafood Skewer 0 Defeat 10 mobs with a single Trident explosion. 20
Bad Omen, Good Loot Bad Omen, Good Loot 0 Complete 10 missions where the difficulty has been modified by a Raid Captain's Banner. 50
Bubble Trouble Bubble Trouble 0 Using the Bubble Bow, have 10 mobs bubbled at the same time. 10

Secret Achievements

Iceologer's Revenge Iceologer's Revenge 0 Kill a Glow Squid using an Ice Wand.. 20
Lost Power Lost Power 0 Return the lost conduit to its rightful place. 20
Feeling Bubbly Feeling Bubbly 0 Relax for 5 minutes in a bubble column. 10

Minecraft Dungeons: Echoing Void

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points.

To the End! To the End! 0 Travel through the End Portal to the End Wilds. 10
Treasure Trove Treasure Trove 0 Enter the Stronghold Vault. 50
I Need Them All I Need Them All 0 Unlock all mission item drops in the base game and DLCs. 50
Take the High Road Take the High Road 0 Reach the top of the Broken Citadel without ever getting hit by a Shulker. 20
End Run End Run 0 Defeat a total of 1000 Enderlings (Watchling, Blastling, Snareling) with an Obsidian Claymore. 20
Avoidable Avoidable 0 Survive being afflicted by Voided x999. 20
Diver's Dozen Diver's Dozen 0 Using the Elytra, dive attack 12 enemies at once. 10
Burning Up Burning Up 0 After consuming a Burning Brew, defeat a Mob using a weapon with the Fire Aspect enchantment. 10

Secret Achievements

Heartbreaker Heartbreaker 0 Defeat the Vengeful Heart of Ender. 50
The Eponymous Squid The Eponymous Squid 0 That was strange... 10

Minecraft Dungeons: Cloudy Climb

There are 10 achievements with a total of 220 points.

Fashionable Climber Fashionable Climber 0 Acquire a melee weapon, ranged weapon, armor, and artifact while climbing the tower. 10
Meet and Greet Meet and Greet 0 Make a purchase from each of the tower's vendors. 10
Tower Power Tower Power 0 Complete a tower run on Adventure difficulty. 10
Indomitable Indomitable 0 Complete a tower run on Apocalypse difficulty. 50
Well-Seasoned Well-Seasoned 0 Reach seasonal adventure rank 10. 10
Trendsetter Trendsetter 0 Reach seasonal adventure rank 25. 10
Golden Gauntlet Golden Gauntlet 0 Complete Gauntlet of Gales on Apocalypse difficulty with the golden parrot as your companion 50
So Many Stairs! So Many Stairs! 0 Clear 100 Tower floors. 50
Pet the Dog Pet the Dog 0 "Who's a good wolf? You are! Yes, you are. " 10

Secret Achievements

Staff Only (secret) Staff Only (secret) 0 You aren't supposed to be here! 10

Minecraft Dungeons: Luminous Night

There are 10 achievements with a total of 280 points.

So Last Season So Last Season 0 Complete a mission with a full set of cosmetics (Cape, Pet, Emote, Flairs) from a previous season. 50
Mine Is Cuter Than Yours! Mine Is Cuter Than Yours! 0 Defeat the Redstone Monstrosity with any Ministrosity Pet equipped. 10
Same To You, Buddy! Same To You, Buddy! 0 Use the Abomination Roar emote at the Jungle Abomination. 20
Tower Tourist Tower Tourist 0 Encounter 15 different biomes in your Tower adventures. 20
Goal Driven Goal Driven 0 Complete 10 Weekly Challenges. 50
Daily Destroyer Daily Destroyer 0 Complete 3 Daily Trials in 1 day. 10
Hot-Footed Hero Hot-Footed Hero 0 Complete Cacti Canyon in under 5 minutes. 50
Creeper In The Woods Creeper In The Woods 0 Complete Creeper Woods on Apocalypse difficulty, without defeating any mobs. 10
How Does It All Fit? How Does It All Fit? 0 Store 50 items in the Storage Chest. 10
Back From Whence You Came! Back From Whence You Came! 0 Defeat 10 Wildfires. 50

Minecraft Dungeons: Fauna Faire

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points.

Desert Dynamo Desert Dynamo 0 Complete Desert Temple in under 4 minutes. 50
Customized Customer Customized Customer 0 Make use of the Enchantsmith's services 3 times. 10
Treetop Trespasser Treetop Trespasser 0 Complete Treetop Tangle wearing the Root Rot armor. 10
Treetop Untangled Treetop Untangled 0 Complete Treetop Tangle on any Apocalypse Plus difficulty. 20
Adorable Explorer Adorable Explorer 0 Complete Lower Temple on Apocalypse difficulty with the desert rabbit as your companion. 10
Same To You, Buddy 2.0 Same To You, Buddy 2.0 0 Use the Horse Ride emote at a Skeleton Horseman. 20
Alpha Centurion Alpha Centurion 0 Defeat 100 Tower Guards. 20
Soul Powered Soul Powered 0 Use the Soul Totem of Casting 50 times. 10
Thanks But No Thanks! Thanks But No Thanks! 0 Complete a tower without using the services of the Guildsmith, Enchantsmith and Powersmith. 50
A, B, Bee, Bee, Bee, Bee, Bee A, B, Bee, Bee, Bee, Bee, Bee 0 Summon 15 Bees at once. 50