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Minecraft Dungeons: Fauna Faire Achievements

Full list of Minecraft Dungeons: Fauna Faire achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Minecraft Dungeons: Fauna Faire has 10 achievements worth 250 gamerscore

Desert Dynamo Desert Dynamo 0 Complete Desert Temple in under 4 minutes. 50
Customized Customer Customized Customer 0 Make use of the Enchantsmith's services 3 times. 10
Treetop Trespasser Treetop Trespasser 0 Complete Treetop Tangle wearing the Root Rot armor. 10
Treetop Untangled Treetop Untangled 0 Complete Treetop Tangle on any Apocalypse Plus difficulty. 20
Adorable Explorer Adorable Explorer 0 Complete Lower Temple on Apocalypse difficulty with the desert rabbit as your companion. 10
Same To You, Buddy 2.0 Same To You, Buddy 2.0 0 Use the Horse Ride emote at a Skeleton Horseman. 20
Alpha Centurion Alpha Centurion 0 Defeat 100 Tower Guards. 20
Soul Powered Soul Powered 0 Use the Soul Totem of Casting 50 times. 10
Thanks But No Thanks! Thanks But No Thanks! 0 Complete a tower without using the services of the Guildsmith, Enchantsmith and Powersmith. 50
A, B, Bee, Bee, Bee, Bee, Bee A, B, Bee, Bee, Bee, Bee, Bee 0 Summon 15 Bees at once. 50

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