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Wife Quest Achievements

Full list of Wife Quest achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Wife Quest has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Jealous Wife Jealous Wife 0 Start a new journey in Wife Quest. 50
I Lost My Fernando I Lost My Fernando 0 Be defeated in battle against Morganna in the Grasslands. 50
Sassy Helper Sassy Helper 0 Discover Morganna's plan at Ymir's store. 50
Always Prepared Always Prepared 0 Buy a bag and a potion at Ymir's store. 50
Will My Fernando Like It? Will My Fernando Like It? 0 Buy the first set of upgrades, sword, armor and magic stone. 50
Impertinent Fly Impertinent Fly 0 Defeat Tania in Fairy Forest. 50
Inconvenient Drunk Inconvenient Drunk 0 Defeat Red in Deep Caves. 50
Stupid Gecko Stupid Gecko 0 Defeat Sily in Hellcano. 50
In Search Of My Hubby In Search Of My Hubby 0 Buy all upgrades, weapons, armor and magic stones at Ymir's store. 50
Nothing Cold About Her Nothing Cold About Her 0 Defeat Fria in Freezing Plains. 50
Do You Know What Time It Is, Stinky Witch? Do You Know What Time It Is, Stinky Witch? 0 Defeat Morganna in Morganna's Castle. 50
My Fernando Is Saved! My Fernando Is Saved! 0 Complete Wife Quest on normal mode. 50
Gossip Girl Gossip Girl 0 Follow all the dialogues between Mia and Ymir. 50
Great Heart Great Heart 0 Collect all great hearts. 50
Better Safe Than Sorry Better Safe Than Sorry 0 Buy all bags at Ymir's store. 50
They Will Learn A Lesson They Will Learn A Lesson 0 Get all punishment animations. 50
Cute Amazon Cute Amazon 0 Start a new journey on magic mode. 50
Insistent Brat Insistent Brat 0 Defeat Morganna in Grassland. 50
Profiting Profiting 0 Buy all items at Ymir's store. 50
First Wife Quest First Wife Quest 0 Complete the Wife Quest mini-game. 50