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Ravenous Devils Achievements

Full list of Ravenous Devils achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ravenous Devils has 24 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Friendly paw Friendly paw 0 Buy a warm couch for your cat 15
Feed me all night long Feed me all night long 0 Fertilize the unusual plant in the greenhouse and make it sprout up 90
Ravenous Devils Ravenous Devils 0 Who is the real devil in the end? 90
It's not that rusty It's not that rusty 0 Produce minced meat 20 times 30
A really strange machine A really strange machine 0 Produce sausages 20 times 30
Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse 0 Produce steaks 20 times 30
Men devouring men Men devouring men 0 Buy all tables. Now you're not just doing take-away, you have a real restaurant! 90
House of horrors House of horrors 0 Get all the upgrades. Mr. T would be proud 90
Green thumb Green thumb 0 So, you got into gardening 15
Gourmet chef Gourmet chef 0 Learn all your grandma's recipes 90
I'm sorry, no bikini here I'm sorry, no bikini here 0 Buy a new outfit (it's not for Vicky this time) 15
Stocked shop Stocked shop 0 Open the shop with the expositor and the mannequins full 15
Anyone else? Anyone else? 0 Use your scissors 50 times with your clients 90
A boring day A boring day 0 You didn't use your scissors today. It was boring, wasn't it? 30

Secret Achievements

Epistolary relationship Epistolary relationship 0 Receive the first letter 15
Annoying blond guy Annoying blond guy 0 Take Elliot's measurements 30
What a thud! What a thud! 0 Help Gilbert 30
A faulty woman A faulty woman 0 Make a new dress for Yvonne 30
In a better place In a better place 0 Find out where Elisewin is gone 15
Mom?! Mom?! 0 Act like a good parent 90
Shhh...he doesn't know Shhh...he doesn't know 0 Hire an attendant 15
Evergreen jokes Evergreen jokes 0 Do you like black humor? No? You'll like it, trust me 30
Oink! Oink! 0 Play with the sign 10 times 15
Honest work Honest work 0 Complete the game 100% 10