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Rogue Legacy 2 Achievements

Full list of Rogue Legacy 2 achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Rogue Legacy 2 has 36 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Good Practice Good Practice 0 Spinkicked every object on the Docks without touching the floor. 10
K.O. K.O. 0 Knocked out an Estuary. 10
No Harm in Looking No Harm in Looking 0 Enabled House Rules once. 10
Maybe Wax Doesn't Melt Maybe Wax Doesn't Melt 0 Reached the Sun with Icarus' Wings. 10
It Was Just an Estimate It Was Just an Estimate 0 Did not escape in time. 10
Just the Beginning Just the Beginning 0 Unlocked Soul Shop Overload. 10
Wasted Betrayal Wasted Betrayal 0 Discovered the hidden memory. 10
Color Coordination Color Coordination 0 Unlocked Unity lvl 3 on a set of equipment. 10
Truly Blessed Truly Blessed 0 Had a Blessing of Strength, Wisdom and Talent all at the same time. 30
Jack of all Trades Jack of all Trades 0 Reached a combined Mastery level of 150 across all classes. 30
Erebus Purified Erebus Purified 0 Earned a bronze trophy or higher for every Scar Challenge. 50
Looks Familiar Looks Familiar 0 Added at least one point in every Skill in your Manor. 30
Pillow Investments Pillow Investments 0 Bought one of every Rune from the Enchantress. 30
Black-shoppe Black-shoppe 0 Bought one of every item from the Blacksmith. 30
Full House Full House 0 Befriended everyone. 30
Rogue's Legacy Rogue's Legacy 0 Earned all other Achievements. 200

Secret Achievements

Spells and Swords Spells and Swords 0 Estuary Lamech has been defeated. 10
For Glory For Glory 0 Estuary Lamech Prime has been defeated. 30
Captain and Crew Captain and Crew 0 The Void Beasts of Axis Mundi have been defeated. 10
For Justice For Justice 0 The Children of Estuary Mehujael have been defeated. 30
Harvest and Home Harvest and Home 0 Esuary Naamah has been defeated. 10
For Survival For Survival 0 Estuary Naamah Prime has been defeated. 30
Poise and Poisons Poise and Poisons 0 Estuary Enoch has been defeated. 10
For Love For Love 0 Estuary Enoch Prime has been defeated. 30
Suns and Soldiers Suns and Soldiers 0 Estuary Irad has been defeated. 10
For Pride For Pride 0 Estuary Irad Prime has been defeated. 30
Hands and Hammers Hands and Hammers 0 Estuary Tubal has been defeated. 10
For Wrath For Wrath 0 Estuary Tubal Prime has been defeated. 30
Progenitor and Protégé Progenitor and Protégé 0 The Traitor has been defeated. 30
For Penance For Penance 0 The Redeemed has been defeated. 30
King and Kin King and Kin 0 The Immortal King has been defeated. 50
For Greed For Greed 0 Immortal King Prime has been defeated. 100
Prequel to the Sequel Prequel to the Sequel 0 Entered Topside. 10
Good Boy! Good Boy! 0 Petted the Dragon. 10
A Glimpse of the Future A Glimpse of the Future 0 Completed the Nightmare Premonitions Scar. 10
Had to Do It Had to Do It 0 Saw the title drop. 10