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Gravitar: Recharged Achievements

Full list of Gravitar: Recharged achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Gravitar: Recharged has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Walk The Dog Walk The Dog 0 Kill an enemy by leading it to the laser cannon 30
Difficult Hour Difficult Hour 0 Exit the reactor level with less than 1s before the reactor explodes 30
Looking For You Looking For You 0 Destroy 150 asteroids in the solar system 50
Violin Walk Violin Walk 0 Complete the first solar system without losing a life 100
If You Can't Talk About It, Point To It If You Can't Talk About It, Point To It 0 Crash into the star without any fuel 30
Violin Solo Violin Solo 0 Complete all singleplayer missions 100
Walking And Falling Walking And Falling 0 Complete all 6 types of planets 30
Red Map Red Map 0 Complete all 6 planets in 4 solar systems 50
Big Science Big Science 0 Use all power-ups 70
Let X=X Let X=X 0 Reach 10000 score in Arcade 100
O, Superman O, Superman 0 Kill 25 enemies while under the effect of Overload 30
The Mailman's Nightmare The Mailman's Nightmare 0 Kill 25 enemies with a Railgun shot 100
Finnish Farmers Finnish Farmers 0 Kill 200 enemies with a Spreadshot 30
From The Air From The Air 0 Kill 125 enemies with Homing Missiles 30
Dance Of Electricity Dance Of Electricity 0 Kill 50 enemies disabled by the EMP 30
A Virus From Outer Space A Virus From Outer Space 0 Shoot down 300 UFOs 30
Born, Never Asked Born, Never Asked 0 Destroy 150 basic turrets 30
Closed Circuits Closed Circuits 0 Push 40 buttons 30
Say Hello Say Hello 0 Retrieve 100 rescue pods 100