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The Jackbox Party Starter Achievements

Full list of The Jackbox Party Starter achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Jackbox Party Starter has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Quiplash 3: Domination Quiplash 3: Domination 0 Got a Quiplash on every answer in Rounds One, Two and Three 50
Quiplash 3: Schmitty Schmackdown Quiplash 3: Schmitty Schmackdown 0 Got a Quiplash against Schmitty in the Final Round 50
Quiplash 3: Secret Schmitty Quiplash 3: Secret Schmitty 0 Triggered a response from Schmitty with your answer 50
Quiplash 3: Worst to First Quiplash 3: Worst to First 0 Was in last place at the end of either the First or Second Rounds and then won the game 50
Quiplash 3: Safety Net Quiplash 3: Safety Net 0 Got a Quiplash with a safety quip 50
Quiplash 3: The Best For Last Quiplash 3: The Best For Last 0 Got a Super Quiplash in the final round 50
Quiplash 3: Great Minds Quiplash 3: Great Minds 0 Finished the game in a tie 50
Tee K.O.: DYE! DYE! DYE! Tee K.O.: DYE! DYE! DYE! 0 Used all of your colors in a single drawing that then got used on a shirt 50
Tee K.O.: I FOLD Tee K.O.: I FOLD 0 Voted against your own shirt in a battle 50
Tee K.O.: SHIRTALITY Tee K.O.: SHIRTALITY 0 Got all the votes in a single battle in a 5+ player game 50
Tee K.O.: DOMINATION Tee K.O.: DOMINATION 0 Was the creator of every shirt in the final gauntlet 50
Tee K.O.: SLEEVELESS VICTORY Tee K.O.: SLEEVELESS VICTORY 0 Win both the gauntlet and the streak with a single shirt 50
Tee K.O.: SUPPORT GARMENT Tee K.O.: SUPPORT GARMENT 0 Author both the drawing and the slogan of someone else's game-winning shirt 50
Tee K.O.: COMFY'S CHOICE Tee K.O.: COMFY'S CHOICE 0 Be the author of both drawings in a battle 50
TMP2: Me and My Dad TMP2: Me and My Dad 0 You survived while wearing Father's Hat 50
TMP2: Runaways TMP2: Runaways 0 The audience won a game 50
TMP2: Quiplash! TMP2: Quiplash! 0 You got a Quiplash! 50
TMP2: Password (un)Protecte TMP2: Password (un)Protecte 0 You cracked someone's password 50
TMP2: One-Sided TMP2: One-Sided 0 Only 1 player survived the "Dumb Waiters" 50
TMP2: Time's Up TMP2: Time's Up 0 You let the Time Bomb gift explode 50