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Samurai Aces Achievements

Full list of Samurai Aces achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Samurai Aces has 29 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Tempest Jane Tempest Jane 0 Watch ending with Jane 15
Turbo Monk Tengai Turbo Monk Tengai 0 Watch ending with Tengai 15
Genius Dog Kenno Maru Genius Dog Kenno Maru 0 Watch ending with Kenno Maru 15
Holy Tomboy Miko Koyori Holy Tomboy Miko Koyori 0 Watch ending with Koyori 15
Flush the Samurai Aine Flush the Samurai Aine 0 Watch ending with Aine 15
Gadget Gennai Gadget Gennai 0 Watch ending with Gennai 15
Attack heresy Attack heresy 0 Stage 1 clear 15
Rumor of heresy Rumor of heresy 0 Stage 2 clear 15
Investigation of heresy Investigation of heresy 0 Stage 3 clear 15
Discover sky castle Discover sky castle 0 Stage 4 clear 30
Charge into sky castle Charge into sky castle 0 Stage 5 clear 30
Chase the entity Chase the entity 0 Stage 6 clear 60
Subdue heresy Subdue heresy 0 Stage 7 clear 60
Ammunition warehouse Ammunition warehouse 0 Collect maximum quantity of bomb (default setting) 15
1UP 1UP 0 Increased life 30
Money is the best in the world Money is the best in the world 0 Obtain more than 50 bonus items 60
Expand Monk power! Expand Monk power! 0 Upgrade the shot until maximum 15
Advanced Ninja Advanced Ninja 0 Scored 1,000,000 with Jane 30
High Monk High Monk 0 Scored 1,000,000 with Tengai 30
Super Super 0 Scored 1,000,000 with Koyori 30
Fighting dog Fighting dog 0 Scored 1,000,000 with Kenno Maru 30
General captain General captain 0 Scored 1,000,000 with Aine 30
Genius inventor Genius inventor 0 Scored 1,000,000 with Gennai 30
Hero of senkoku period Hero of senkoku period 0 You have obtained all of the achievements. 160

Secret Achievements

Strong man Strong man 0 Watch the ending without continuing in EASY Mode 15
Powerful man Powerful man 0 Watch the ending without continuing in NORMAL Mode 30
Hero Hero 0 Watch the ending without continuing in HARD Mode 60
Hero of hero Hero of hero 0 Watch the ending without continuing in VERY HARD Mode 60
Philanthropism Philanthropism 0 Clear the game without destroying any enemies 60