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Droid Trivia Achievements

Full list of Droid Trivia achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Droid Trivia has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Basic Bolts Basic Bolts 0 First question correct! 50
Smarts Smarts 0 First two questions correct! 50
Try, Catch Try, Catch 0 First wrong answer 50
Bad Circuits Bad Circuits 0 Two bad answers! 50
Round Robin Round Robin 0 Played each round type once in a single session 50
Quickdraw Quickdraw 0 Quickdraw completed! 50
Compute Error Compute Error 0 Compute Error achieved 50
Category Hunter Category Hunter 0 You are a category hunter 50
Some like it long but not too long Some like it long but not too long 0 Long but not too long, done. 50
Just Right Just Right 0 Just right to completion 50
The Long Game The Long Game 0 Completed a long game 50
Stickler For a Long Game Stickler For a Long Game 0 You're a stickler for the long game. 50
Category Crazy Category Crazy 0 You are a bit crazy for categories. 50
Category Killer Category Killer 0 Category killer achievement unlocked! 50
TFTFTFTF.. TFTFTFTF.. 0 8 True-False rounds completed! 50
Pretty Pictures Pretty Pictures 0 Unlocked Pretty Pictures achievement 50
Memory Upgrade Needed Memory Upgrade Needed 0 Remember you unlocked this achievement. 50
Memory Boost Memory Boost 0 Memory round successful! 50
Good Memory Good Memory 0 Your memory improves! 50
Memory Master Memory Master 0 Unlocked Memory Master! 50