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Beholgar Achievements

Full list of Beholgar achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Beholgar has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Double Jump Double Jump 0 Obtain the boots 25
Gloves Gloves 0 Obtain the gloves 25
Ice power Ice power 0 Obtener the ice ring 25
Fire attack Fire attack 0 Obtain the fire attack 25
Axe Axe 0 Obtain the Axe weapon 25
Spear Spear 0 Obtain the Spear weapon 50
Fire Sword Fire Sword 0 Obtain the Fire Sword 75
Dragon Sword Dragon Sword 0 Obtain the Dragon Sword 75
Victory Victory 0 kill Hagman 100
Projectile plus Projectile plus 0 Find 1 projectile plus 50
Projectile Max Projectile Max 0 Find all projectile plus 100
Snake Castle key Snake Castle key 0 Find the Snake Castle Key 25
Fire Amulet Fire Amulet 0 Find the Fire Amulet 50
Lost Gem Lost Gem 0 Find the Lost Gem 100
Dragon potion Dragon potion 0 Speak with Sahmaran 25
Lost necklace Lost necklace 0 Find the Lost necklace 100
Ring poison short Ring poison short 0 Obtain the Ring Poison 100
Bomdown power Bomdown power 0 Obtain the Bomdown power 25