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DARQ Ultimate Edition Achievements

Full list of DARQ Ultimate Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

DARQ Ultimate Edition has 17 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Awaken Awaken 0 Finished the game. 20
Patient Patient 0 Found Dream Journal Page in the hospital. 30
Train Rider Train Rider 0 Found Dream Journal Page while on the train. 30
Masked Genius Masked Genius 0 Found Dream Journal Page in the concert hall. 30
Subway Explorer Subway Explorer 0 Found Dream Journal Page in the subway station. 30
Quartz Skull Collector Quartz Skull Collector 0 Found 3 quartz skulls in "The Crypt". 30
Pyramid Master Pyramid Master 0 Completed the pyramid stacking puzzle in "The Tower" with the least amount of moves required. 30
City Dreamer City Dreamer 0 Found Dream Journal Page in the city. 30
Master of Gears Master of Gears 0 Found Dream Journal Page while trying to solve the gear puzzle. 30
Tower Runner Tower Runner 0 Completed "The Tower" in under 6 minutes. 90
Crypt Runner Crypt Runner 0 Completed "The Crypt" in under 12 minutes. 90
Sharp Like Scissors Sharp Like Scissors 0 Completed the scissors puzzle in "The Crypt" within 15 seconds. 90
Jeweler Jeweler 0 Found the diamond skull in "The Crypt". 90
Perceptive Perceptive 0 Triggered 3 secret encounters with the bag-headed boy. 90
Enlightened Enlightened 0 Finished the game after all dream journal pages had been collected. 90
Skull Master Skull Master 0 Found all skulls in "The Crypt". 100
Off Camera Off Camera 0 Solved the rotating camera puzzle before the camera had completed the first rotation. 100