Cel Damage HD Achievements

Finish Line Games
Finish Line Games

There are 16 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Toon Star Toon Star 0 Win all levels in all modes 200
New Talent New Talent 0 Win any level 40
Smacker Smacker 0 Win all levels in Smack Attack mode 80
Speedster Speedster 0 Win all levels in Gate Relay mode 80
Collector Collector 0 Win all levels in Flag Rally mode 80
Finale Finale 0 Win 12 different matches with a single character 80
Be The Boss Be The Boss 0 Earn a first place finish in each Desert level in Smack Attack, Gate Relay and Flag Rally modes 80
Drifter Drifter 0 Earn double smacks by damaging an opponent in Smack Attack while powersliding with the brake 40
Flipping Out Flipping Out 0 Earn 10 boosts in one match by completing forward flips with the right stick 40
Dodgy Dodgy 0 Complete 10 sideways dodges in one match by using the right stick or LB/RB 40
Steamroller Steamroller 0 Flatten 3 different opponents in one Gate Relay race by dodging into them with the RS or LB/RB 40
No Favorites No Favorites 0 Win Smack Attack while getting points from at least 10 different weapons 40
Purist Purist 0 Win Smack Attack while using only your character's favorite weapon collected from "!" powerups 40
Nitro Nitro 0 Win Gate Relay having used turbo boost 20 times 40
Hoarder Hoarder 0 Win Flag Rally with at least two captures of 3 or more flags at a time 40
Smart Coyote Smart Coyote 0 In Death Valley, drop the 100 ton weight on opponent by shooting the target with your Basic Attack 40