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Ampersat Achievements

Full list of Ampersat achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Ampersat has 25 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Rank Amateur Rank Amateur 0 Gain a Rank 25
Know Your A, B, C's Know Your A, B, C's 0 Capture a Bonus Word 25
Quick To Spot It Quick To Spot It 0 Find a Secret Chest 25
It's Like A Zoo In Here It's Like A Zoo In Here 0 Consult the Bestiary 25
Mind the Yucky Corpse Mind the Yucky Corpse 0 Open the Well 25
You Da Boss Now You Da Boss Now 0 Defeat a Dungeon 25
A Head For Heights A Head For Heights 0 Defeat a Tower 25
Going For The One (Ring) Going For The One (Ring) 0 Gain 1st Ring Bonus Perk 25
Two Rings, One Perk Two Rings, One Perk 0 Gain 2nd Ring Bonus Perk 25
Three Ring Circus Three Ring Circus 0 Gain 3rd Ring Bonus Perk 25
Dungeon Master Dungeon Master 0 Defeat all Dungeons 25
An Uncanny Snout An Uncanny Snout 0 Sniff out all Secret Chests 25
The Gathering The Gathering 0 Return all Lost Items 75
The Excavator Cometh The Excavator Cometh 0 Fully Upgrade Well 25
A Valiant Defender A Valiant Defender 0 Fully Upgrade Skadi's Statue 25
Impaled Upon This Arrow Impaled Upon This Arrow 0 Fully Upgrade Freya's Statue 25
Five Star Rooms To Let Five Star Rooms To Let 0 Fully Upgrade Inn 25
The Jagged Fury The Jagged Fury 0 Fully Upgrade Weapon Shop 25
The Iron Maiden The Iron Maiden 0 Fully Upgrade Armor Shop 50
Accomplished Xenozoologist Accomplished Xenozoologist 0 Fill the Bestiary 75
The Cake Is A Lie The Cake Is A Lie 0 Open the Portal to Lord Z 75
The Advent of Addster The Advent of Addster 0 Make the Gem Merchant appear 75
Stellar Speller Stellar Speller 0 Capture all Bonus Words 75
Perky! Perky! 0 Gain all Perks 75
Wear Your Wellies Wear Your Wellies 0 Beat the Well's 100th level 75