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Garden Simulator Achievements

Full list of Garden Simulator achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Garden Simulator has 33 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Hard work Hard work 0 Play for one whole week. 20
Animals need water, too Animals need water, too 0 Give your cat some water. 20
Garden capitalist I Garden capitalist I 0 Own 50 garden coins. 20
Garden capitalist II Garden capitalist II 0 Own 250 garden coins. 20
Garden capitalist III Garden capitalist III 0 Own 500 garden coins. 20
Garden capitalist IV Garden capitalist IV 0 Own 1000 garden coins. 20
Garden capitalist V Garden capitalist V 0 Own 2500 garden coins. 20
Mower Mower 0 Mow half a square kilometer. 20
Befriend cat Befriend cat 0 Pet your cat. 20
Rescue trash Rescue trash 0 Rescue trash which flew outside of the garden. 20
Expand Expand 0 Unlock a garden extension. 20
Go big Go big 0 Unlock all garden extensions. 20
Precision archer Precision archer 0 Throw trash into the garbage container from a significant distance. 20
Environmentalist Environmentalist 0 Throw 10 garbage objects out of your garden. 20
Giovanni Giovanni 0 Own the most expensive gnome. 20
Bird hunter Bird hunter 0 Hit a bird. 20
Trash pile Trash pile 0 Make a pile of 20 trash objects. 20
Sleepless Sleepless 0 Don't go to sleep in the evening for quite some time. 20
Monoculture Monoculture 0 Cultivate a field of 25 fully-grown plants of the same type. 20
Easy harvesting Easy harvesting 0 Harvest 20 plants by mowing them with the push mower in one go. 20
Garden capitalist VI Garden capitalist VI 0 Own 5000 garden coins. 20
Garden capitalist VII Garden capitalist VII 0 Own 10000 garden coins. 20
Garden capitalist VIII Garden capitalist VIII 0 Own 100000 garden coins. 40
To the clouds To the clouds 0 Walk on the roof. 40
Roof trasher Roof trasher 0 Throw trash onto the roof and make sure it stays there. 40
Save the water Save the water 0 Don't water a field of 6 strawberries for 3 consecutive days. 40
The floor is lava The floor is lava 0 Spend a whole day without touching the ground. 40
Gnomes land Gnomes land 0 Own 20 garden gnomes. 40
Fruit basket Fruit basket 0 Cultivate a field of 10 fully-grown strawberries and melons. 40
Corn lover Corn lover 0 Cultivate a field of 40 fully-grown corn. 40
Flower diversity Flower diversity 0 Grow one of each flower in your garden. 80
Tulip enthusiast Tulip enthusiast 0 Cultivate a field of 40 fully-grown tulips. 80
Hot and spicy Hot and spicy 0 Cultivate a field of 100 fully-grown chillies. 80