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To Hell With The Ugly Achievements

Full list of To Hell With The Ugly achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

To Hell With The Ugly has 20 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Rocky Marciano Rocky Marciano 0 You won all fights without Rock getting knocked out. 50
Collector Collector 0 You found every item possible. 50
Sneaky Master Sneaky Master 0 You never got caught during stealth sequences. 50
Loyal Partner Loyal Partner 0 Gary never got knocked out during battle. 50
Man's best friend Man's best friend 0 Mike never got knocked out during battle. Noonoo sends his thanks. 50
Zooty's ladies' man Zooty's ladies' man 0 You got a quality drink for Sunday. She deserves it. 50
Sandwich Chef Sandwich Chef 0 You created a new recipe the bouncer absolutely loved. 50
Afterparty Investigator Afterparty Investigator 0 You understood what happened in the Zooty when you were away. 50
Pepper King Pepper King 0 You successfully incapacitated your opponent thanks to a spice. 50
Herculean Task Herculean Task 0 You finally opened Defato's team locker. Was it worth it? 50
Gourmet Waiter Gourmet Waiter 0 You successfully guessed everyone's desired lunch. 50
Pilot Pilot 0 You avoided every assault during car chase. 50
Golden Phone Advisor Golden Phone Advisor 0 You found Mary Jackson's address. 50
Cute Puppy Cute Puppy 0 Well, at least Mary thought you were cute. Kind of. 50
Kicked Puppy Kicked Puppy 0 Cora was not impressed by your attempt of seduction. 50
Lost Virginity Lost Virginity 0 So? Happy, now? 50
Master of Disguise Master of Disguise 0 You beautifully dressed up for Schutz's party. 50
Humble Gift Humble Gift 0 The lady at the party thanked you for your honesty with a flower. 50
Best Served Cold Best Served Cold 0 You got your revenge! 50
The credits are rolling The credits are rolling 0 You witnessed the ending of Rock's story. Congratulations! 50