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Strange Horticulture Achievements

Full list of Strange Horticulture achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Strange Horticulture has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Beginnings Beginnings 0 Handle your first customer 10
On The Map On The Map 0 Solve your first clue card 10
Secrets Secrets 0 Open the secret drawer 30
Extreme Consequences Extreme Consequences 0 Murder Burbidge 50
Guardian of the Forest Guardian of the Forest 0 Save the Sisterhood 50
Hidden Texts Hidden Texts 0 Activate the viewing device 30
A Mystery Solved A Mystery Solved 0 Find a Bryer's Disc location 30
Master Brewer Master Brewer 0 Create an Elixir 30
Praise the Dendrew Praise the Dendrew 0 Bring about the Redemption 80
Banished Banished 0 Perform the ritual 80
I am the Dendrew I am the Dendrew 0 Take control of the Servant 80
Ending Ending 0 Complete the game 100
Cat Lover Cat Lover 0 Pet Hellebore 13 times 50
Explorer Explorer 0 Visit 20 map locations 20
Apprentice Apprentice 0 Identify 10 plants 20
Back from the Brink Back from the Brink 0 Recover from Rising Dread 30
Horticulturist Horticulturist 0 Complete a full playthrough without using the hint button 150
Experienced Horticulturist Experienced Horticulturist 0 Identify all the plants 150